Conscious Touch

with Laz Daka
You may work in Format couples or groups while choosing one of two roles… giver and receiver. Equal time will be given for you to transmit your energy through touch and to practice dropping into your body wholesale NBA jerseys as a receiver. Conscious Touch is a meditative practice for both giver and receiver. The giver’s role is to learn the modalities of touch presented wholesale jerseys and Immigration, bring their consciousness into their touch. The receiver’s role Le is to clear the mind of cheap NFL jerseys self-limiting beliefs, judgements, and fully receive the love of another’s touch. This will be a heart-centered sensual experience where Zegg the focus is not sexual arousal… but the intent and power of wholesale nba jerseys touch as well as our ability to receive. Construction A sarong and a pillow will be wholesale jerseys needed (no massage oils needed).

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