Jan 4-6, 2013

January 04 – January 06, 2013

Waking Up Together: Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for a New Culture

Location:  The Rowe Center in Mass.

Kelly Bryson MFT

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Are you afraid of conflict? Learn the mechanics and the spirit of Nonviolent Communication. Do you feel victimized by other people in your life? Learn how being Mr. or Ms. Nice Guy or Gal is a form of violence to yourself and others, an escape from a fully-lived life. Are you tired of being one of the “nice dead people?” Cure “Niceitis,” a hereditary disease.

In this experiential workshop, we will use humor, music, and interactive role-playing to learn about:

  • How to not compromise any of your relationship needs (compromise is where you share the resentment 50/50).
  • How to cure self-abandonment, the mother of all relationship issues.
  • How to “give to,” but not “give in”.
  • How freedom must be the center and love the circumference to make unconditional love work.
  • How to eliminate the illusions of rejection, criticism, attack, stubborness, controlling, selfishness, and judgment.

Imagine having both freedom and closeness in all your relationships. It can be done. We’ll learn how to grow a circle of friends who have the skills to truly “commune” and help you create a joyful, free, fully lived life.

So, what if we were able to create a world based on these skills and principles?  A world that is more loving, trusting, compasssionate, and peaceful?  In our time together, we will explore how we can learn from and support the emerging community dedicated to this new consciousness, where feelings are transparent, individual autonomy is respected, and true human needs are met.

Kelly Bryson is a Licensed Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist and a life coach who has been an authorized trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication for over 20 years. He wrote the best­selling Don’t be Nice, Be Real – Balancing Passion for Self with Compassion for Others. With Deepak Chopra, he contributed to the anthology The Marriage of Sex and Spirit. A humorist and singer, he developed the Trust Based Relationship Model with Tory Blue.

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