A Path with Heart: NVC & Social Change

~ As part of “A Path with Heart: NVC & Social Change
an online conference running  March 19 – April 4th ~

Kelly Bryson will be in conversation with Alan Seid about how
It Takes A Village to Raise A Consciousness
Wednesday March 20th, 11 am US Pacific Time

When it comes to creating positive change in the world and making a positive difference, have you made Nonviolent Communication part of your tool-box?

Nonviolent Communication naturally leads to mutual understanding without coercion. In your work to create positive change in the world, to miss this piece is to miss something incredibly valuable that can give you and your partnerships a vital and strong foundation: the quality of the relationships.

It doesn’t matter in what realm you are performing your work or offering your services: NVC skills make you a more powerful contributor and a valuable ally.

With powerful NVC skills, you will prevent and resolve misunderstandings and conflicts, you will help people collaborate powerfully, and you will ensure that interpersonal harmony and effective teamwork go hand-in-hand with the results you are seeking.

Ever wanted to know how seasoned NVC Trainers apply NVC to their social change work?

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