Center for Trust

The Center for Trust is a Network, becoming an organization becoming a community based on individual evolution

The Center for Trust is the dawning of the deep longing in the hearts for trust

The Center for Trust is an organizational entity, a network and a community that has a deep longing for living in an experiential field of Basic Trust, nonviolence with all beings, truth and transparency in communication, mutual support, To grow our field of Trust, connection, and intimacy we are committed to living Sincerely, Sacredly, Competence, Reliability, Caring, Presence, love and sexuality, free of fear resulting in healthy and lasting partnerships, relationships and teachers of Trust and many other profound modalities. (Like Sacred Economics, Nonviolent Communication, SD Forum, Tribal Technologies, Dragon Dreaming, Abraham, Tolle etc)

We are growing a morphogenic field of support for each other’s individual, material, financial, spiritual and emotional well being, creating powerful teacher channels, in service to the whole thru our unique, uplifting work in the world. This work is the gathering, developing, integrating and dispensing of new information that can transform systems, empower and heal individuals from our current patriarchal cultural modals. We have been researching thru a cornucopia of new modalities, teachings, exercises, processes, cosmologies, principals, sciences and arts that are now creating “The Great Turning”, from biologists, artists, visionaries and other inspired cultural creatives.

Our intention is to support humanity to discover the oneness of consciousness, the benevolence of the Universe and the nonviolent inter-relatedness of all living beings thru the study and practice of these newly emerging inspiring information and experiences. An thru these experiences access our deepest truest Humane Nature

To establish a non-violent relationship to nature we must also step into a healthy relationship with our own nature. It does not serve healing if we maintain relationships and deny them in front of our partners. Nor does it serve healing to follow indiscriminate polygamy in the name of a misunderstood “free sexuality”. The world needs a new humane sexual culture based on truth and trusted which enables all participants to again encounter each other in full joy. The world needs an erotic life which is strongly connected to the Spirit of the Sacred Matrix and therefore liberates all participants from the chronic fear of loss. A humane sexual culture is based on free sexuality that is not an ideological decision between monogamy and polygamy but the liberation of sexuality from hypocrisy and meanness.

Dieter Duhm

And we will use all our wisdom, presence, empathy and compassion to heal us individually and collectively from this insane egoic plague.

“The power of trust is infinitely beautiful. Arise, shine;for the light cometh. Swing yourself up to the realm of your mind where I, the Soul of the World can operate fully through you.”

Sabine Lichtenfels


Some other guiding values are:

      • “Life trumps rules”,
      • Put FRED first (Frequency Resonance Energy Dynamic,
      • Keep your Clown Chakra Open
      • Celebrate mistakes
      • In Trust weTrust
      • Knowledge and wisdom based on individual insight instead of collective ideologies.
      • Truth sets us free
      • Have a Fully Lived Life

“A New Dawn, a New prototype for Community – THE CENTERS FOR TRUST”

Exploring “the power of us” through many TribalTechnologies.

Nonviolent Communication NVC,  The Center for Trust work by Kelly Bryson, The work – Byron Katie, the SD/zegg forum, Next Culture/Possibility Management by Clinton Callahan, , biodanza, Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein, The laws of deliberate creation, Law of Attraction  – Abraham Hicks, Co-counseling – Harvey Jackins, Tara Brock Buddhism & Mindfulness, and Radical Acceptance, new culture, Terra Nova teachings, Thomas Hubl – sharing the presence, Tantra, Tango, Alternatives to Violence Project, Thomas Hubel – sharing the presenceTerra Nova Tamera Teachings,

Spiritual mind treatment by Ernest Holmes, Power of Now, Focusing by Eugene Gendlin,  Improv, HAI, FRED – Frequency Resonance Energy Dynamic, Getting Getting Real by Susan Campbell, Integral work w/Ken Wilber, New Culture Tantra, Flow mihaly Chicksentmihi,, The Heart Circe Teachings by Tej Steiner, Calling the Circle by Michelle Baldwin, Restorative justice circles by Dominic Barter, Spiritual mind treatment by Ernest Holmes, Arnold Mindell’s World Work

Joanna Macy – Work that Reconnects, World work ,  Theater of the Oppressed

,ARG, Authentic Relating Games by Sara Moss, Circling by Guy Gengstock, Clown Chakra TheologyTherapy &, Tara Brock Buddhism & Mindfulness

Tribal Technologies by Kelly Bryson MFT, The work – Byron Katie,  Dragon Dreaming by Ulrike Reimann, Spiral dynamics, Co-counseling by Harvey Jackins, Mark Groups – More House, San Francisco, ARG authentic relating games, Dragon Dreaming, Meditation – (several kinds, Buddhist, Indian, etc)  The Heart Circe Teachings by Tej Steiner, Calling the Circle by Michelle Baldwin, Restorative justice circles by Dominic Barter,  The 5 Love Languages, The New Earth by Eckhardt Tolle,  HAI Human Awareness Institute, FRED – Frequency Resonance Energy Dynamic – FRED talks,

 Improv Theater of the Oppressed

Loving Leadership by Thomas Stelling and Kelly Bryson