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Don’t Be Nice, Be RealKelly’s Book

Balancing Passion for Self with Compassion for Others:

A Handbook for Nonviolent Communication ™

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The Marriage of Sex & Spirit

The New Anthology Kelly contributed to!! Relationships at the Heart of Conscious Evolution. Drawing together leading teachers, leaders, writers and therapists, this powerful collection of ideas and practices can utterly transform your experience of both sexuality and spirituality.



A Spirituality Named Compassion – CD by Kelly



Songs of Compassion – CD – 22 songs that convey the spirit of NVC in Kelly’s style








2 CD Set – The Basic Steps to Nonviolent Communication

A 90 minute tape that simply and clearly maps out the steps to Nonviolent Communication (sm).



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Telecourses Available instantly by Kelly Bryson MFT

Instantly download any of these telecourses from the NVC Academy by clicking here:

The telecourses now available are:
# Being Me and Loving You!
# Being Power/Speaking with Power Through NVC #1
# Being Power/Speaking with Power Through NVC #2
# Truth as an Act of Love
# Don’t Be Nice, Be Real
# Love Without Conditions, Control,  Coercion through NVC
# Self Empathy for Self Evolution
# Fearless Living and Loving

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Free! YouTube Videos by Kelly on NVC

They are really funny and insightful.

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Kelly Bryson Personal Growth Through Honesty (Definitely check this one out!)

Kelly Bryson SEX Hot! hilarious NVC LIVE!

Kelly’s Podcast Interview with Chip August, HAI Facilitator and Sex, Love, and Intimacy Expert

Listen to part of Kelly’s JPR Interview with Jeff Golden including the song “I don’t want to do that to me again”