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“Communication is to relationship what breathing is to life.”  Virginia Satir

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Because we work with such a diversity of organizations we provide a wide range of presentations, speaking topics,  programs and services to meet many different needs.
We have a dynamic three hour presentation and an intensive 16 hour training program on Nonviolent Compassionate Communication. Frequently we tailor-make programs or presentations to fit your organizations unique needs.  Compensation for trainings is determined on the basis of the organization’s ability to contribute. We even have
some scholarship funding available to organizations without a budget for such training.

Our Seminars:

  • Prepare selected personnel to provide our training within your organization
  • Involve the participants in applying the training to the most frequently encountered  on- the- job real life communicationchallenges.
  • Have a “Basic Skills Program” and additional modules customized to meet specific organizational needs.

Other services we provide:

Mediation/conflict resolution including:
1. Interdepartmental conflict
2. Interpersonal conflict
3. Customer disputes.
4. Air clearing
5. Termination disputes

Organizational development including:
1. Make meetings more effective.
2. Solve particular systems problems.
3. Teambuilding.
4. Gossip reduction
5. Increasing creativity/productivity
6. Diversity training
7. Sexual Harassment training
8. Performance evaluations that maximize morale and learning
9. Customer relations training
10. Internal Communication Coaching and Training
11. Negotiation & Dialogue Training

Community Building and Developing Programs:
1. Starting from Scratch – Initiating, building and maintaining Partnership Communities
2. Healing Old Hurts within established communities- Helping Communities get through difficult times of change, political difficulty and trauma
3. Converting from Old Paradigms to Compassionate Partnership organizational systems
4. Intentional community development

Kelly has a ten minute demo video tape, with excerpts from some of his talks.  This tape might be useful for anyone who wants to book a speaking engagement or training but does not know Kelly, and would like a taste of his style.
To receive a video tape please contact us at:

Call Kelly to book a Speaking Engagement or Presentation

Some of Kelly’s Speaking Titles:

  • Don’t Be Nice, Be Real – Balancing Passion for Self with Compassion for Others, a book by Kelly Bryson MFT
  • Nonviolent Communication(sm) – A Language of Compassion
  • Empathy Has No Enemy
  • Compassion vs. Coercion
  • The Power of Innocence
  • 21st Century Relationships
  • Being Me and Loving You
  • Celebrating your Selfullness
  • Promote Power – Forget Force
  • Everyday Passion
  • Passionate Creating
  • Life Enriching Education
  • How to Stay Nonviolent in a Violent World!
  • How to Parent without Punishment (Or Rewards!)
  • How to Stay Fearless in a Fearful World

I also have given many Sunday Morning “Sermons” for churches of all denominations
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The Learning Modules

Differentiating observations from evaluations 1

Differentiating feeling from other forms of communication

our needs
Expressing requests in present-positive-action
Receiving the feelings & needs being express
through messages of others
Liberating ourselves from slave morality 7
Connection with needs being expressed through
moralistic judgments
Fully expressing anger 8
Translating static language to process language 8
Translating “Amtssprache” to language
acknowledging responsibility for our actions
Accepting responsibility for our actions 10
Transforming “deserve” into Nonviolent
Expressing how we are and what we are requesting 11
Building a feeling vocabulary 11
Expressing needs in intimate and work
Expressing ourselves honestly in difficult
Accepting responsibility for our feelings 14
Differentiating requests from demands 15
Empathetically receiving how people are and what
they are requesting
Empathy with ourselves 16
Empathy with others in distress 17
Empathy with people who are angry 18
Empathizing now with people you weren’t able to
empathize with then
Empathy when people attribute responsibility to
you for their feelings
Empathy with messages we have been afraid to
Empathy with “No”‘ 19
Painful memories 21
Expression and receiving gratitude 30
Celebrating the power we have to enrich life 30
Identifying the unfulfilled needs generating our
Expressing requests in positive action language N
Differentiating empathic responses from other
Responding empathetically when we haven’t met the
needs of others
Expressing needs that are not easy to express W
Fully expressing anger X
Translating static evaluations into process
Bringing conversations back to life Z
Deepening intimate relationships 5.e
Healing old pain 6.f
Hearing and saying, “No” 7.g
Differentiating “responsibility to” and
“responsibility for”
Expressing requests to groups 10.j
Exchanging money in harmony with nonviolent

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