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puppiesCuddle Experiment with Yvonne Shevnin

In the Cuddle Experiment we will do a few authenticity exercises and share about our boundaries. Then, we will be free to make requests, extend invitations and play together around touch. This is a lab where you get to discover yourself and your partner(s).

Zegg Forum

Originated by the German ZEGG group, a central and essential value for The Forum is trust. And there are two distinct but complementary fields of behavior in every community that must be sharply separated before people can trust each other or not. The community must make a clear differentiation between problem solving involving information and factual discussions, versus a process designed to aid transparency of ideas and intentions. In both fields questions of power, money, sex and love will invariably arise. If these issues are not transparent, then paranoias, distrust and alienations arise which will invariably undermine the community’s problem solving ability. The Forum is thus a critical process for ensuring the transparency so essential to the community. It is there that we reveal our patterns in power and decision making, where we lay bare what is happening in our love-lives, where we bring to awareness our real intentions, where both the light and the dark get their due.

The Forum constitutes an artistic way of organizing sharings, a stage for whatever is happening inside ourselves. Here one’s true motivations, one’s deep feelings, longings, ideas and emotions become public. This focus on transparency, sharing and clarifying unsolved situations of daily life make it an invaluable catalyst for one’s own growth.  In order to create this transcendence the individuals making up a Forum sit in a circle. One person who is “working” or “presenting” goes into the middle of the circle as though going onto a stage. So the “actor” holds centre stage and the others form the audience. The actor gets the full attention of the group, with the power and the space to speak and act without being interrupted by the others who initially play the role of spectators. When the “actor” has finished, then others can step into the middle to give feedback and express what they perceived. Now the actor can learn what others think about him and what they have to say which supplements, broadens and sharpens the personal issue he brought forward. The discovery of what others think and value about us, what perhaps keeps them from loving us, what meaning we have for them… provides the essential social feedback and clarity that shapes us as social beings. For more detail, see http://www.nfnc.org/info/document_library/what_is_the_zegg_forum .

Intro to Tribal Technologies with Kelly Bryson, MA, MFT

Imagine having both freedom and closeness in all your relationships. It can be done. We’ll learn how to grow a circle of friends who have the skills to truly “commune” and help you create a joyful, free, fully lived life. So, what if we were able to create a world based on these skills and principles? A world that is more loving, trusting, compassionate, and peaceful? In our time together, we will explore how, through the use of what I call Tribal Technologies, we can learn from and support the emerging community dedicated to this new consciousness, where feelings are transparent, individual autonomy is respected, and true human needs are met.We’ll be dipping into a few Tribal Technologies, including Nonviolent Compassionate Communication – NVC, finding FRED (Frequency, Resonation, Energy Dynamics), Thomas Hubl’s “Sharing the Presence”, Next Culture work & the Sacred Matrix.

Aikido and New Culture with Ken Seehart

“The transition from the matrix of violence to the Sacred Matrix of peace does not act on the logic of a power struggle, but on a change of program that is possible to conduct in every moment.” - Dieter Duhm

“In true Budo there is neither opponent nor foe. True Budo is uniting with the center of the Universe. It is the work of love. It is neither fighting nor killing. Rather, true Budo gives life and nurtures all things.” – Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

We will explore a live body manifestation of the transformation from a Matrix of Violence to a Matrix of Life.

To find out about Aikido in Santa Cruz, see http://www.aikidosantacruz.org/

Tantra Puja with Connie Wisesan and Brian Bourke

(Heart) breaking news: Evalena Rose, and Lindy James are not able to attend S’more Camp, so they will not be leading the puja as originally planned.

Connie Wisesan and Brian Bourke have stepped up to fill this role with their own unique magic.

Participants To Bring: flowing, colorful clothing, favorite cushions or pillows, blankets to spread out. 

caroleblissSensual Massage class with Carole Golden

Carole has the unusual gift of being able to use her whole body to channel love and healing into her lovers in a way that drives them wild with ecstasy. She is excited to invite you to learn how to explore using your entire body as an instrument of pleasure to share with your lovers.