Presence, Connection and Community

Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday 8-10 PM

Personal presence is the light that shines away the negative effect of our shadow sides and stories. It is high octane intention and attention we give ourselves and others that allows us to feel ourselves as Loving Awareness itself.
Connection is the ecstatic feeling result of dropping our ego and scattered thoughts and allowing our attention to merge with another’s field of presence.
Community is the experience of the feeling of coming home. We remember the familiar feeling of deep satisfying safety, peace, contentment and joy. This as we drop our fears and judgments and enter the field of communion (common union) with a tribal group. We’ll explore issues like “Free Love’, Authentic full expression, sacred economics and sexuality, living “Me first and only,” never giving in.

Free Love Offering, or suggested $10 at the door
215 River Street, Santa Cruz

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Kelly Bryson MFT, author of the Best Selling Book “Don’t be Nice, Be Real”, Certified NVC trainer, and humorist will work with people individually using Nonviolent Communication, Empathy, Zegg Forum, and Loving Kindness, Awareness, Intuition and authentic honesty to escape limiting stories and find freedom and a more fully lived life.