Feb 23-26, San Diego, CA

Tools for Co-Creating the New Earth and a Fully Lived Life
Feb 23rd to the 26th – San Diego

With Kelly Bryson MFT and Linda O’Neil
All events are on a Peace Offering basis w/negotiation
For info email Linda O at lindaj_oneill@msn.com

These Network for a New Culture (www.nfnc.org) events create an environment or field where aliveness, authenticity and transparency are not only welcomed, but encouraged and valued deeply. In this permission zone a surprising energy, enthusiasm, trust and desire to create “sacred intimate communion” between individuals and in the group emerges.  From this communion consciousness blooms. We believe it takes a village to raise a consciousness.This village provides the context to understand one’s authentic self, to grow as social beings and experience significance, authentic power and belonging. It is juicy, energetic, safe, connected, sweet and inspirational. It is different … and transformative … a New Cultural Field.Of course, the transformation we hope to achieve has implications not only for small communities but the community of the world, a more loving, trusting, compassionate peaceful world.  These 2 events are an opportunity to experience a “field of consciousness” supported by a community committed to transparency of feelings, respect for autonomy and support for all chakra needs getting met.Kelly will facilitate “The Zegg Forum” for freeing our Authentic Soul Selves up and out of The Box of familial/social conditioning. It is an artistic way of personal sharing; a stage for whatever is happening inside us that is athentic, alive and True. 

”It is all about connection!  And from the inner connection will flow the outer direction.” By Kelly B.

      This focus on transparency, sharing and clarifying unsolved issues makes it an invaluable catalyst for a fully lived life.  Click here for Forum information.  With your participation we will engage in Tribal Technologies of all sorts for creating trusting, tolerant, tantric, touching, transparent and transformational tribes. Some of these technologies will include Nonviolent Compassionate Communication, Juicy Dancing, Heart Connecting Puja, Human Awareness Intimacy Exercises, Biodansa, Getting Real, The Sacred Matrix, Transformational Theatre, 7 Minute Connections, Next Culture Process  (seewww.nextculture.org) and conscious Massage.

Feb 23rd – Intro to the New Culture Movement
with practical tools for personal and community evolution with Kelly and Linda
6:30pm – 9:00pm

Feb 24th  – “Don’t be Nice, Be Real“ w/author Kelly Bryson MFT
Applying Nonviolent Communication and Next Culture tools
6:30pm – 9:00pm

Kelly Bryson, author of “Don’t be Nice be Real” will discuss his book and offer techniques to help us move out of old patterns and bring greater authenticity and aliveness to our life and relationships.

Topics covered include:

  • Nonviolent Compassionate Communication
  • Equalized Relationships between Women and Men
  • The Skill of Empathy
  • Prevention and cures for jealousy and scarcity
  • Compassion without compromise
  • Love without conditions
  • Ecological relationship with Mother Earth
  • A morality based on consensus instead of coercion, compassion instead of control, and pleasure instead of pain.

Here’s what people say about the book:

“If you are tired of being one of the ‘nice dead people’ in the world, buy this terrific book. It will guide you from depressed “doormat” through overly “obnoxious” aggressiveness to an evolved, enlightened, empathic assertiveness. Kelly’s real life stories, hilarious humor and refreshing theories teach the mechanics of integrity and loyalty to oneself.”

For more information see Kelly’s website:  www.languageofcompassion.com

Workshop time is 6:30-9pm.  A $20 love donation is requested.

Feb 25th – Communion thru Tribal Technologies

We may draw from The Zegg Forum, Nonviolent Communication, Next Culture Thought Ware, Abraham Laws of Attraction/Manifestation, Puja’s, Getting Real Technology, Biodansa,  Human Awareness Institute, The Sacred Matrix.

We will learn/experience:

  • How to stellate (separate from each other) our feelings so we can use them, instead of suffer from them.
  • 10 Distinctions for consciously feeling
  • How to convert low drama (victim/persecutor/rescuer) into high drama (conscious expression)
  • Tools/Techniques/Practices for creating “unified fields of conscious communal” energy
  • How to make our “Stories” conscious so they serve a Conscious Purpose of serving “Bright Principles” (community, empowerment, growth, love, integrity, high fun, respect)
  • Unnumbing ourselves, to free the energy needed to take responsibility for our lives.
  • Improvisational Fun and Breakthrough self expression!

10:00am- 4:00pm

Feb. 26th – Living your own Truth in Community

There will be a special emphasis on individual evolution and learning how to facilitate The Zegg Forum, a Consciousness Cabaret.  In the afternoon there will be an opportunity for those just learning Forum facilitation to practice.

We may still be drawing from various Tribal Technologies like Nonviolent Communication, Next Culture Thought Ware, Abraham Laws of Attraction/Manifestation, Puja’s, Getting Real Technology, Biodansa,  Human Awareness Institute

11:00 – 1:00pm Zegg Forum Session Kelly and cofacilitator led

2:00 – 3:30pm Zegg Forum Session New Practitioners led

10:00am – 4:00pm