Ecstatic Exchange – Spring Camp 2014 Presentations

Boundaries Session with Fred and Sheea

The more clear we are on our yes and our no, the more safe we feel to dive deep into intimacy and ecstasy. And when everyone in the community is fully conscious and respectful of boundaries – both those others and our own – we can’t help but create a luscious field of healing interconnection. In this playshop, we’ll be exploring the power of clear boundaries and how to nurture our yes, no, and even our maybe as a way of consciously navigating the many options that will be presented to us in the course of our time together.

Training for forum facilitators with Fred and Evalena

The forum is a profound process which helps us to get real and go deep with each other, often in miraculous ways. Serving as facilitator for a forum process does not have to be as challenging as you might think. Come learn some basic principles of forum facilitation which can enable you to lead a forum process with your friends, a community you are in, or elsewhere. Help spread this beautiful tribal technology far and wide.

airpuja1Lingum/Yoni massage – with Lisa & Laz

Lisa and Laz will take you on a 2 hour journey into sacred sexuality.  We will be exploring conscious touch in the context of yoni and lingum massages, with the intent of connecting with one another.  Using the giver/receiver model so that the reciever can fully receive as the giver focuses his/her consciousness into their hands.  The giver will learn to “listen” to the receiver’s energy body and adjust their touch as needed.  The receiver will explore how it is to feel from the inside out, dropping thoughts and distractions from their mind and solely focusing on their own body and the subtleties and effects of various touch techniques.  Although this class explores physical and energetic touch, the attendees are at complete choice with their level of participation and should be prepared to discuss any boundaries with their partner.

Please arrange your partner ahead of time.  Bring a sarong, any oils or lotions you prefer, and a towel for each person (amrita mat if needed).  We will start immediately so there is enough time for both partners to receive.  Please do not come more than 5-10 min late, to avoid disrupting the group field.

Radiant Puja of Deep Presence with Evalena Rose


First Puja: A playful, nurturing evening of connection and sacred ritual as we practice erotic and romantic arts. You’ll be guided in interactions with many others as you breathe together, do soul gazing, and enjoy sensual ways of connecting, all within a context of healthy boundaries and respect.  Triads welcome, partners can stay together if you wish.

  • Enjoy being nurtured by warm-hearted connections
  • Breathe your way into joyous delights
  • Drop deep into sensual connection honoring the divinity in us all
  • Hone your Tantric skills and nourish new heart connections
  • Our deepening bonds bring healing to all

Second Puja with Evalena Rose: Celebrating our Divine Passion – A Radiant Puja

Ananda's Full Set 025We celebrate the wondrous connections we’ve made throughout camp with another, deeper exploration of erotic ways of communing with each other.  We’ll share breath and soul gazing, sensual ways of connecting, sacred touch, dance and movement, and deep heart-centered exchanges.

A lot of intimacy needs get met in these sacred evenings filled with a variety of intimate exchanges within our sacred field of respectful boundaries.  Our deepening bonds allow us to honor each other while applying the skills of asking for what we want using the languages of love.  We feel nourished by the heart connections and transported by the breath practices, possibly to states of ecstatic union.  Blessed Be the breath!

Song & Ritual with Copperwoman

CopperwomanAction_2033Throughout our time at Spring Camp I will be weaving song. From the beginning of the gathering to the beginning of each day through our closing circle. I will be offering simple songs with an invitation for everyone to sing along. There could be spontaneous outbursts of song at any moment and I would hope to ignite voices to join me. I will also co-lead an experiential ritual of connecting to nature with song and surprise and offer other opportunities to sing together.

Authentic Free Love, Presence and Desire – Kelly Bryson

Authentic Presence calls forth Transparency which inspires Trust, which allows for Natural Intimacy. Couplehood or long term Spiritual Partnership and Free Love are not in conflict any more than Freedom and Security are.  In fact they need each other to create the kind of Organic, healthy, freely loving tribes that existed long before the Patriarchal Family.  This kind of Free Loving Couplehoods needs the “morphogenetic field” support of the Transparent Tribe to transcend all the Low Drama so often found in experimental Polyamorus and even traditional monogamous marriages. It can then find a dynamic yet peaceful resolution to the great Freedom vs. security conflict in relationship.

It is not about the Quantity (number of partners) it is about the Qualitative nature of the love.  Are your relationships based on a foundation of Self/Soul connection?  on Tradition or Trust? Freedom or Fear?

Here is a song about this kind of unconditional love called “You owe me nothing in return.” We will be experientially exploring, spiritually spelunking into the caverns of consciousness with exercises to deepen our empathy for each other’s edges, practicing sacred presence and engage in ecstatic exchange, heart to heart. We may also learn mediation skills to help individuals help lovers in conflict.

Letting love In with True Fellows

Do you know intellectually that people love you but somehow you can’t feel that love?
I have been there. My body was locked up with fear. No energy could get in or out. The energy would not flow and because energy is about flow, no love could be truly or deeply felt.

In this workshop we will explore how the body works to let love in and the ways we use the body in fear to keep love away.

This isn’t natural. It’s a learned behavior and it can be unlearned. We can change from doing life to being life.

Doing is left brain activity, thinking, planning, judging, separating, ego… Our fast paced society emphasizes doing over feeling. We learn to ignore our feelings because we are so busy doing. This separates us from love.

Being is right brain activity, presence, relaxation, focus, comfort, oneness…
Relaxation and comfort is the place that love can be experienced.

The body is always sending messages about what it wants, what it needs, when it feels comfortable and safe.

We will learn how to easily move back and forth from sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight, thinking and protecting ourselves) and para-sympathetic nervous system
(relaxation, sleep, digestion, openness, love and comfort).

For most people these are unconsciousness survival mechanisms. We will make them conscious choices by learning the keys to unlocking our bodies, listening to our bodies, and understanding the language that our bodies speak.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to drop the fear to hear your body’s wisdom in order to let in as much love as you want.

And don’t we all want more love?