Welcome. Thank you for your interest in helping us promote The 4th Annual New Culture Autumn Camp 2015 :: Creating the Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible. At Love Journey Temple in Sebastopol, Ca, 

Below are some suggestions and resources that you can use to healp get the word out.

Useful links

Main event page at the Love Journey website:

Publish this link to your or other’s websites. You can use the title: “Creating the Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, September 10-15, Network for New Culture Autumn Camp @ Love Journey Temple ~Sebastopol, CA”

Shorter links (great for putting in texts, tweets and printed copy):

Main event page at the Language of Compassion website:

Facebook event page:

 Go to
the Facebook event:

Join the Facebook event (i.e., RSVP “yes” or “maybe”).

Share the Facebook event:

Here’s how ~30 second version:  In the upper right hand corner you’ll have the opportunity to share the event in your own timeline, a friend’s, in a group, to a Facebook page of yours, or in a private message. Include a note about what inspires you!


Invite your Facebook friends to the event: You’ll be shown a list of all your friends and you’ll be able to click those you’d like to get notification about Autumn Camp.

Note: If you would like to invite ALL of your friends and yet would rather not spend time clicking a great deal of the check boxes to do so (Facebook requires a box to be checked for each), we suggest using the Chrome browser in combination with the Facebook Invite All extension.

MeetUp, Yahoo, Google Groups, etc.

Post this event to your groups that are philosophically aligned. Sometimes this is as easy as copying and pasting the link to the main event page. You can also refer to the promotional email (below) for the event details, or to “grab” chunks of text to copy and paste.