April 19th thru 24th, 2012 – Santa Cruz, CA Mountains


4th Annual – Network for a New Culture -  Spring Camp
April 19th thru 24th, 2012
 – 4th Annual  - 

With Kelly Bryson and other world class presenters
At the breathtaking Lupin Lodge in the Santa Cruz, Ca. Mountains
Contribution/Peace Offering: $250 + food and camping
We have had 50 people the last 3 years so register early.
To Register or email questions to Samantha at samantha728@gmail.com

What is the New Culture Spring Camp?

The New Culture Spring Retreat is an opportunity to experience a “field of consciousness” supported by a community committed to transparency  and support for all chakra needs getting met.  Some of the best New Culture presenters around will teach proven and powerful methods for Creating “Deep Harmony and Healing” in the context of a positive all chakra community.  It will also be a living experiment in community sure to be a catalyst in breaking down whatever is in between You and your fully expressed joyful powerful authentic self.

Each day we will be led in “The Zegg Forum” (a consciousness cabaret, see below) for freeing our True Selves up. It is an artistic way of personal sharing; a stage for whatever is happening inside ourselves. There will be licensed Therapists, counselors and empathists for emotional/spiritual support for this life changing process.  Click here for More info @ the Forum

The retreat includes other activities designed to create a community field of connected awareness such as 7 min. connections, Tantric Pujas, transparency & connection games, Nonviolent Communication, Shamanic Soul Journ, sexy dancing, a talk on “The Sacred Matrix”. There will also be opportunity for Goddess Gatherings and work together integrating shadow, reclaiming power, voice,  sexuality and trust for each other.

Some of our presenters include: Kelly Bryson MFT, author of “Don’t Be Nice be REAL!”, licensed therapist, and Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, communitarian, The Fabulous Flamboyant French Francoise Ginsberg PhD. Sexologist from the Univ. of Paris, President of San Diego Tantra, Yogini Tantrika Kirin Khasal, Fred Burkes (Co-Founder of Sacred Connections) & Member of Planetary Transformation, Scott Catamas, Compassionate Communication Facilitator and Love Coach, Katrina Vaillancourt Tantrika of Sexual Energetics, Brooke Murphy, actress with her Uber Fun Improvisational Shenanigans, and hopefully Katie Winthrope, Shaman.

And I, Kelly Bryson speak from my own personal experience, that you will never be the same if you throw your heart into it.   So bring your thirst for truth and connection, your vulnerable transparency, your dancing shoes and your child’s longing for a lot of fun. (because we tend to party a lot!!!)

Our Presenters:

For the 4th Annual Network for a New Culture Spring Camp:


Kelly Bryson MA, MFT. Author, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, Life Coach, author of the best selling book, “Don’t be Nice, Be Real – Balancing Passion for Self with Compassion for Others. COVER TEXT: A Handbook to Nonviolent Communication ™” has been featured in Elle and Shape magazines, appeared on many TV and Radio shows, lived in an ashram many years, keynotes conventions (National Montessori) is an inspirational speaker (for Association for Global New Thought) and has been a trainer for Nonviolent Communication for over 20 years.    Kelly has helped many hundreds of people develop the skills and remove the blocks to creating their most satisfying creative expression in the world of work.  He also specializes in designer Intimate Partnerships based on Trust and deep fulfillment of our needs for freedom, depth, sexuality, community and growth.  He is the originator of the Trust Based Relationship (TBR) Modality, and Co-Founder of Nonviolent Communication Santa Cruz, a successful nonprofit.

He is the founder of New Culture Center Ca., with it’s signature Tribal Technologies Trainings and Organization Development program.

Kelly offers his wisdom and many years of experience to help individuals develop deep trust and confidence in themselves, their partnerships and community.

He also studied briefly with E. Stanley Jones, Gandhi’s consigliore

Francoise Ginsberg received her doctorate from the University of Paris,  as a sexologist, where she worked as a woman’s counselor. She has been leading puja rituals ongoingly for different organizations since 1994. Francoise offers private consultations for women and men. She is President of the San Diego Tantra Connection.

Fred Burks – Spiritual Activist, White House Insider, Member of Planetary Transformation Team

Fred will present a tantric/kundalini/sesssion

Fred Burks has been deeply dedicated to spiritual growth and transformation for his entire adult life. He became interested in tantra and energy work over 15 years ago, and has facilitated many engaging, heart-centered workshops around the country helping people to open to the limitless sources of transformative energy available within themselves and others. He was a key founder of the sex and spirit based Sacred Connections community in the SF Bay Area and is a respected spiritual activist on the Internet. See www.peerservice.org for the inspiring and transformational websites he manages.

Having worked as a language interpreter in top secret meetings at the highest levels of government (see Washington Post article on my resignation at http://www.WantToKnow.info/fredburksresigns).  As a participant in a global network of courageous individuals dedicated to the transformation of our world, I have also received an abundance of both deep inside information and inspiring, empowering information that we can all use to build a brighter future together.

Katrina Vaillancourt has been a student of Tantra for more than ten years and finds it a very enriching part of her intimate life. She deeply enjoys creating sacred space with her Beloved and has learned how to run sexual energy through her body through her study of Sexual Energetics and Mantak Chia’s meditation work. She is a devotional singer, ecstatic dancer, healer and artist.
Katrina has been studying and practicing Compassionate Communication for more than five years. She uses Compassionate Communication to keep her communications clear with all other people in her life, including her teenage son.
She is also a creator of a vast array of amazing Tantric art and is the creator of the Heart Centered Communication card set, a communication tool that supports and trains your emotional intelligence, ability to resolve conflict, and ability to transform any upset in to opportunity. The cards and guided exercises are based on the principles of Non-Violent Communication, transformation, and universal spirituality.  Check out her cards and art work at www.giftofmyheart.com

Katrina will lead:  Women’s Group for New Culture

Together as women, we will be exploring the “Living Energy of Needs” as they relate to our desire for sacred sensuality and sexploration within the context of New Culture. All is welcome here. Set intentions, clear obstacles and receive support for your path of growth and learning. Using principles of NVC, guided meditation, breath work, movement, sound, dance and sex magic, we empower our creative potential so we may respond to life with fullness & integrity, knowing we are held with care in our sisterhood.


Evalena Rose M.A., has led workshops on intimacy and Sacred Sexuality for 18 years & founded LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart in 1997 to offer workshops and evolve a community developing sex-positive lifestyles.  She has two compassionate communities, one for women only, and one for men and women.   She has led intimacy workshops and Goddess-centered rituals for 30 years, guiding people in erotic and romantic arts within a container of love, respect, and honoring.   She coaches couples and individuals in Tantra, teaches skills for fulfilling relationships, and offers couples’ counseling with humor and deep insight.  http://www.lovejourneytantra.com and http://www.tantraforwomen.com.

Evalena’s deeply spiritual work includes 30 years private practice in MetaTherapy, couples’ work, multidimensional healing, & channeling, plus Tantric coaching.  She brings to this work two degrees in psychology and decades of study in alternative healing, shamanism, body-centered therapies, energy balancing, soul retrieval, Tantra, communication skills, and recovery from incest, abuse, and addictions.    Sebastopol, CA and by phone world-wide 707 824-1118, www.evalenarose.com.

Scott Catamas is the presenter on the right. (Not Al Gore)

COMPASSIONATE CONNECTIONS with Scott Catamas & Katrina Vaillancourt

Scott has privately coached hundreds of couples and families, and has cultivated a unique set of tools to shift from Fear/Judgment to Love/Compassion.  Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to bring their specific relationship challenges and issues forward.  Through role-play and empathic connection, specific alternatives will be explored.  Joining Scott will be Katrina Vaillancourt and other friends who have experience with the tools of NVC and Compassionate Connections.

BIO:    Scott Catamas has spent his adult life working in the areas of communication, education and raising consciousness. He won multiple EMMY awards as a writer, director and producer of educational television for children and teenagers. He has produced hundreds of nationally broadcast television shows and segments, on a wide variety of topics ranging from Sacred Sexuality to Near Death Experiences. He was hired to produce media for the Center for Nonviolent Communication in 2000 and fell in love with the tools of “NVC”. As a coach and teacher of Compassionate Connection, Scott has facilitated hundreds of classes, events & workshops and privately coached hundreds of couples, families and small businesses.

FLow Lesur

FLow Lesur studied extensively in the fields of Kundalini Yoga, exstatic dance, massage, Tantra and the effects of Breath, sound and movement on the body.

She loves to connect deeply with other humans and with nature. She Djs some conscious dances in Santa Cruz and Monterey, offering beautiful and eclectic tunes to the dancers.

She also created and facilitate a wonderful practice called Dolphin Dance, which is a form of Yoga/Contact dance under water.

She lives in Santa Cruz.

Florence Lesur –
Masters in Translation and Conference Interpretation from the
Monterey Institute of International Studies


Yvonne is a certified Cuddle Partyâ„¢ Facilitator. Since 2006, Yvonne has been bringing the Cuddle Party workshop to the Bay Area. Cuddle Party creates a new culture which separates safe affectionate human touch from the intention for it to lead to sexuality or romance. This provides participants the unique and unconventional freedom to get important needs met for affection, connection, belonging and the simple delight of nurturing touch from another human being.

Yvonne is also a student of and non-certified NVC teacher. She teaches introductory and 5-week intensives in NVC to private groups and at conferences around Northern California.

Yvonne also has a coaching practice, The Playful Circle, in which she supports clients in playful personal growth, skillful communication, empowered authencity, understanding intimacy, healthy relationships, boundaries & self-trust, experiential freedom, self-care & self-loyalty.  Yvonne lives in Santa Clara.


HuMandalas, with Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy created this original modality through personal life experience and practice. With meditation and consciously attuning to universal, bio-rhythmic energies, Levy developed this new and universal workshop based on personal anthropological Mayan studies, yogic mudra practices, sacred dance experience and studies of sacred geometry based on the teachings of Dr Emoto, Nassim Haramein and Dan Winters. He is a certified Hatha and Partner Yoga instructor. Levy hosts an annual retreat and a teacher training course. He teaches at communities, festivals, schools and organizations including: Harbin Hot Springs, Oregon Country Fair & Beloved Festival.

About Humandala:

Cultivate collective energy with connection, movement & sound in circle ceremonies.  Align your biorhythms to the universal patterns of sacred geometry. HuMandalas are a new modality which allows groups of people to share and cultivate, co-created intentional energy. In yoga circle ceremonies participants are guided through connected movement, breath, and sound, mirroring the geometric patterns of the Universe. With similar philosophies to qigong, yoga, reiki and sacred dance, the HuMandala practice is a universal and easy way to understand the core principles of bio-energetic cultivation. Using these ancient principles, participants have been known to experience profound feelings of oneness and interconnectedness with other people and nature. HuMandalas are enjoyable and accessible to people of any background, in particular those with interest in sound therapy/toning, sacred art, conscious movement, massage, meditation, and new age thought.


Presenter Kirin Khalsa

Kirin Khalsa is a revolutionary evolutionary. With an Aquarian Moon and a Taurus sun sign she is on the planet to ReVision life on Earth. She had her spiritual awakening in 1977 when she sat at the feet of Yogi Bhajan, kundalini yoga master and Mahan Tantric Master of White Tantra Yoga.  She was called to take a pilgrimage to India where she visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.  It was in India that she walked in the footsteps of the Saints.  She traveled up the Ganges visiting ancient mystical sites. The journey led to a mountain top in the Himalayas called Hemkut Sahib.  After a strenuous two day trek she arrived at a glacier lake which was a place where yogis meditated to achieve enlightenment. With an infusion from Mother India Kirin began exploring the depths of life.

In addition to teaching Kirin has also been working as healer and counselor for many years. She is currently has a counseling practice working on Skype with people all over the world. She has synthesized modalities and created her own system called Shakti Numerology. It is an effective tool that guides people on their life path and releases them from karmic imprints of the past. Kirin includes her study of Compassionate Non-Violent Communication in her practice.

Kirin’s workshop:

Shamanic Secrets of the Mayans: Nine Steps to Mastery in the Aquarian Age

As we leave the crumbling Piscean Age and enter the Age of Aquarius we are challenged to learn to live in a different way.  The Aquarian Age holds the possibility for us to become co-creators of a heart-centered world.  Living from the heart finds us in a world of connection which leads to compassion, commitment, competence, caring and concern.  The Mayan Shamans of the ancient past and possible future have given us keys to unlocking the mystery of our own evolutionary journey into becoming the powerful co-creators that we are destined to be.  Kirin will share the Mayan Secrets in her playshop: 9 steps to mastery.  She will playfully guide you on your journey deepening your mastery as a co-creator. You will enjoy entering into the heart of your power with Kirin’s original Art work illustrating the 9 steps, dancing, toning and sharing with others.