2014 Autumn Camp Workshops

Tenderness & Returning to Trust

led by Kelly Bryson

We will learn and experience the “ intersubjective intimacy” practice involving eye-gazing and articulating our inner world through words and energy; tribal technologies for raising the group field energy in any group; growing group intimacy and entrainment for a deepening development of Divine Democracy; Nonviolent Compassionate Communication for all lover’s needs; “Dwelling in the Presence”—expanding from “I” to “We”.


Loving More

led by Connie Wisesan and Brian Bourke

Brian and Connie, are in a successful 10 year open relationship. They live to support loving connections. Using a tool box of modalities and techniques that are easy to learn, they support their clients in a deeper awareness of self and interconnectedness. They will be providing a powerful workshop where alternate relationships will be openly and honestly discussed.


Shamanic Journey-Generational Clearing

led by Amos Lovell

This journey opens the door to release the unwanted influence of your ancestors for the last 7 generations without the need for a story or explanation.


Sensual and Erotic Dance

led by Evalena Rose

Stretch your potential for igniting your erotic energies in dance and movement, both to entice and seduce, and simply to enjoy having a body to play in.  Enjoy moving through various ways to express yourself erotically and sensually, while having a good time revealing yourself to others.  You’ll gain more consciousness of your body as you add undulations and full body sexiness to your dance.  Great practice for dancing for a lover, or with yourself in the mirror.  Practicing erotic and romantic arts in sacred and playful ways can increase self-love and self-esteem, while creating sweet connections with the community.  LoveJourneyTantra.com

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Flocking: Community Attunement Through Fluid Movement

led by Melody Lucien

Feel the juice of moving as one! Together we release our personal agenda and relax into being moved organically by the group as one fluid organism. We begin by tuning in to our own fluid nature in communion with earth, exploring undulating movement and subtle primordial sounding. Then we move into partnering with another through heart resonance, awake contact and receptive body listening. From there we expand into attuned, improvisational movement as a whole commUNITY, likened to the soaring grace of a flock of birds or swimming school of fish through water. Through slowing down into embodied presence and fluid resonance, we feel the enlivening nourishment of being inherently moved in attunement. This experience of attunement reverberates into our lives, bringing a greater sense of embodied harmony and collaborative co-creation.


Tantric Breathwork

led by Fred Burks Join us in exploring ways of using breath and the powerful energies of sacred sexuality to fall ever more in love with ourselves and with all around us.

Sometimes the most profound connections happen when breathe deeply and slow things down when connecting with ourselves as well as with one or more lovers. This session will invite you to play with the subtle energies that can arise from breathing deeply and moving slowly. We’ll use breath, kundalini energy, and authentic movement to explore various ways of connecting intimately with ourselves, with partners, and even with the whole group. Connecting exercises with eyes closed will particularly help you open to an expanded level of love and connection. And you are always at choice. Come play with us!

Zegg Forum

Your life viewed as a gift

led by Amos Lovell

Imagine people still presume your full presence is a gift and that you can presume in return that your needs will be met by a generous environment. Perhaps you are a gift to life and relationship whether you earned it or not. Step into the world of Charles Eisenstein’s revolutionary view on money, gift consciousness and society.

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Partner Massage

led by Carole Golden


Opening the Tantric Gateway to Love

led by Evalena Rose and Lindy James

Enjoy sacred and erotic practices that enhance intimacy and call forth transformative love.  Explore practical spiritual tools that open a more expansive playing field for sexual and sensual connections. Experience how ritual and sacred language create a safe and juicy container in which to be vulnerable and authentic.  Practice deep presence and asking for what you want, sharing boundaries and needs in ways that further the erotic charge.  Learn ways you can tune into eros to fan the flames of desire.  We’ll take this into erotic dance to play with the energies of flirting and seduction and have a lot of fun.   You’ll gain practical ways Tantra can open gateways for sexuality to expand into the heart and upper chakras, allowing for a full body experience of the ecstatic energies.  For more information about Evalena and Lindy’s work, see:LoveJourneyTantra.com or LindyJames.com


Circle of Radiance Pujas

led by Evalena Rose, Lindy James and Fred Burks

Enjoy a playful and deeply fulfilling experience of sharing connection and joyous ritual with existing and new partners.  You will be gently guided in heart-centered interactions that allow you to enjoy ecstatic and satisfying connections with many delightful people.  Nurturing and often energizing, these exchanges allow you to receive the blessings of deep presence and the joys of  practicing intimate erotic and romantic arts within a sacred container.

We’ll share undulatory breath practices and soul gazing, sacred touch of your choice, possibly erotic dance or movement, chakra merging breaths, and other erotic practices.  The exercises can be sensual, intimate and deeply moving though not sexual, and are designed to see the divine in each other.  The shared pleasures heal and people get a lot of intimacy needs met through these Pujas.


Getting in touch with touch

led by Lindy James, sensual guide

How do you like to be touched? How willing are you to ask for what feels great?

Deepen your capacity to lovingly ask for what you like and then dare to really enjoy it. Finding your voice to express how you feel and guide another’s touch on your body is a beautiful gift for both receiver and giver. People come away feeling happy, nurtured, empowered and peaceful. This is a non-sexual, deliciously sensual class.

You are always at choice.


Open Space Technology

We are happy to host an afternoon of Open Space Technology.  If you have something you’d like to share, please come prepared. There is limited space for the creative and dynamic collaboration.  It’s a great way to learn more about each other!  A very good description from: http://www.co-intelligence.org/P-Openspace.html follows:

“Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion or activity, writes it down on a large sheet of paper in big letters and then stands up and announces it to the group. After selecting one of the many pre-established times and places, they post their proposed workshop on a wall.

Open Space is more highly organized than the best planning committee could possibly manage. It is also chaotic, productive and fun. No one is in control. A whirlwind of activity is guided from within by a handful of simple Open Space principles.

The most basic principle is that everyone who comes to an Open Space conference must be passionate about the topic and willing to take some responsibility for creating things out of that passion.”

Sacred Circle of Gratitude

led by Rachel Adair

Step in between the worlds as enter ritual space to share our gratitude for our time together with each other and send it out into the world. “For what happens between the worlds can change the world”~ Starhawk

Sensual Temple

a gathering place for sacred exploration


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