“Community as a Universal Way Of Living” – from the book The Sacred Matrix by Dieter Duhm

The original community of humans is not the family, but the tribe. The original community is the human vessel, into which all human life, including the family, is embedded. The community is a part of the Sacred Matrix. In it, the cosmic order connects with the social order. It is not bound to certain times or cultures, rather it is an integral part of our human social existence that lies beyond history. It could only be destroyed through violence, and it is only when we have found a full equivalent to the tribe that is aligned with our times, that we again can enter into full and wholesome relationships with each other.

ZEGG Community Event

ZEGG Community Event

Community is the universal organ that has experienced the greatest damage. It is a necessary part of the whole, which was destroyed worldwide. Everywhere, where people were abducted, enslaved or sold, communities were annihilated, thus destroying the life nerves of entire peoples. This process began with the Kurgan people’s invasion of Neolithic river settlements 7000 years ago. It continued as the Native American peoples of North America were annihilated by the European invaders during the 17th century, and we find it right up to the present day, when the last indigenous people on all continents are being driven out and destroyed in the name of commercial interests. The disappearance of human community left behind a bad wound in human civilization. It was through the destruction of community that humans lost their authentic morality and sense of responsibility. People were torn away from organic communities. Piece by piece, this also separated them from their own higher selves, from their higher knowledge, and from the higher orders of life. Community was and is the natural breeding ground for trust and solidarity. If this humus is missing, the uprooted human being becomes violent, evil, and ill.

The real power of the individual comes from community. A true process of individuation, which does not resort to the use of asocial methods, can only occur in community. Individuality and community are not opposites: instead they are mutually dependent and one cannot function without the other. Community without individuality leads to terrible collectivism (see fascism), and individuality with community leads to individual despotism or to the loneliness of a beautiful soul. Without community, the foundation for a full and healthy development of the individual always has a quality of forlornness, loneliness, the fear of separation, and general fear. Only expression of the lonely soul was, for example, French existentialism. Our basic fear will most certainly only be fully overcome once we have succeeded in building new functioning communities.

Community is an intermediate stage in the scale of life, and it cannot be skipped. It connects the individual with a higher order and sharpens her/his sense of the whole. A healthy community reflects a universal order, with which we can then connect easier. It is through this connection that functioning community gets its high field-creating power. We find an original image of this order in the stone circle at Evora. The 92 (originally 96) erected stones reflect a tribal order and at the same time a cosmological order, which is possibly valid for all times (see Sabine Lichtenfels: “Traumsteine” [“Dream Stones”].

The universal community is a unified organism, and the individual people are its organs. The liver acts differently than the kidney and the brain differently than the heart, and yet they all belong to the same organism. The people, who live in such an organism, do not live according to the principle of comparison and competition, but according to the principle of supplementing each other mutually. The system could not function otherwise. As the new organism emerges, a new mental-spiritual subject develops: the communitarian “I”. This “I” is at a higher level order in the spiritual hierarchy of life thank the individual “I”. The communitarian “I” contains the knowledge and the power of all individual “I’s”. It also contains the structure of the order of the Sacred Matrix and it therefore guarantees the survivability of the community. All co-workers that are solidly a part of the community are connected to the communitarian “I” and its mental-spiritual powers, and they can therefore access survival abilities that they could not have developed alone.

When the first humans again enter into the state of community and when it again becomes possible to think and act based on this connection, then this will have a high field-creating and healing power. In a living universal community, the entire universal peace knowledge is developed, which once existed on earth and which is needed again today, in order to change the world and the souls.  We learn the laws of universal peace by learning the universal dynamics of community.

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