Zegg Forum Guidelines

For Facilitation:

  • Become familiar with these ZEGG Forum Guidelines before facilitating.
  • Set rules, time, and goal or theme like, “Exploring what it means to have Peace between men & women.
  • With new people ask them if they are willing to follow the suggestions of the facilitator at least once before deciding not to.
  • Don’t suggest or push the participant to do something that you would do yourself.
  • If you feel yourself getting personally involved at any moment then ask your co-facilitator or another skilled person to take over for that piece.
  • Be transparent when making decisions.
  • Admit your errors, take time to go inside, don’t allow yourself to feel pushed because you’re the facilitator.
  • When a participant is finished and has sat down, ask if they want mirrors or commentaries from the audience, especially if they are new to the process.
  • Mirror a synthesis of the mirrors at the end of each piece after all other mirrors have been expressed.
  • Mirror a synthesis or overview of any theme(s) that arose overall or bring together all the loose threads of the theme of the forum after all pieces have been expressed.
  • Only deviate from the guidelines when you know them very well, have had a good amount of experience, and you are very aware that you are making the choice to deviate led by your intuition.Other important considerations to hold intention for:
  • See the highest in each participant.
  • Support congruence between what is said with the voice and what is acted with gestures.
  • Support participants to stay in the present moment.
  • Guide in order to bring out the truest motives and feelings, the beauty and the soul of the participant.

For Co-Facilitation:

  • Your role is to be there to support the facilitation and the process to see what the facilitator misses, sometimes to correct or to ask if it seems that the performance appears one-sided.
  • The facilitator can ask you for feedback on what you have seen so far and perhaps for suggestions as to how to proceed.
  • Also, always hold a willingness to go into the center and give mirrors.

For Audience:

  • Participate SILENTLY with full attention, always without any judgement or condemnation and with love and discernment.
  • Never comment out loud, never interfere.
  • Hold an attitude of non-judgmental curiosity.
  • Volunteer to mirror when you feel moved to respond from a supportive place.
  • Everything that is said in the center of the circle during a ZEGG Forum is to be kept confidential (speak about people or intimate matters concerning others and yourself only when they are present).
  • If and when you are triggered into your ‘stuff’ from what is brought up in the middle, wait 24 hours before bringing it up to the group or the participant.

The Participant:

  • Tell very briefly why you have come into the middle and what you would like to achieve there.
  • Be open to experimenting. Follow the facilitator’s suggestions and answer their questions holding the intention to make yourself visible and be open, tracking down and revealing one’s truth.


  • It is best to give mirrors for people whom we feel love for.
  • If you are not interested in the person and what they expressed in the middle then don’t give feedback.
  • Respond from a self-referenced expression of honesty rather than giving advice.
  • Leave out your own personal story when mirroring (i.e. “that makes me think of my own experience…”).
  • Do not respond with a mirror from a place of reactivity, as in a knee-jerk reaction, or when your buttons are pushed.
  • If and when you are triggered into your ‘stuff’ from what is brought up in the middle, wait 24 hours before bringing it up to the group or the participant.
Please remember that the aim of the ZEGG Forum is to serve beauty and truth. 
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