Soul Vision by Dieter Duhm


By Dr. Dieter Duhm

To all friends worldwide!

We all originate in light, and of light we are made. In the light-centre of the world, we see the unity of all beings. The path of global healing could be to reconnect ourselves – our thoughts, our bodies, our homes – with the light. To do this we need to develop forms of living which allow deep trust to arise. Light flows through the channel of trust. Trust between humans, trust between the genders, trust between humans and animals and all natural beings; trust and the feeling of being at home in the world.

This work is not easy as we all have a history of thousands of years of war, violence and banishment. This history cloaks the Earth today like a traumatic film. A collective shadow of fear and mistrust lies in the soul of contemporary humankind. To transform the hologram of fear and violence into a hologram of love, we have been working for many years to develop ways of living together in which we can collectively experience trust and solidarity. Today’s mainstream visions of the future deal with material issues and ignore the inner issues.

The Mars project, on which approximately 4000 scientists and engineers are working, demonstrates the vastness of the technical visions and possibilities. But what will happen if the project succeeds? Humans will export their misery in love, their fear and their war-thoughts, to Mars. The civilisation established there would probably soon look as bad as the one here on Earth. Utopian plans of this kind ignore the inner core of the problem. We do not suffer from too little technology, but from a worldwide loss of trust and home for the soul. Humankind has lost its anchor. Hardly any love-couple can maintain the joy with which they once met. More people die each day because of the destruction of love than die in traffic accidents. Not to mention the fate of the children! Violence arises where love is not received. All war in the world is a result of the inner fields of conflict in human beings. The fundamental crisis area of our time is the relationship between humans.

If we want to develop realistic peace plans, we have to face the fact that there is an inner steering mechanism behind all processes which happen on Earth. What happens outside comes from an inside. This has vast consequences for our own inner work: what we want to heal in the world has to be healed in (one’s own) inner. Concrete utopia is a utopia of the soul. When we can see the soul-image of love in our friends and in ourselves, we approach a vision for the whole of humankind. We are carried by a new stream of energy which is preparing global transformation. The revolution of the coming times is based on a transformation of the archetypal underground of the collective human soul. The archetypal images of fear and judgement, of dark forces and punishing gods which were left in humankind by the age of violence, transform\ into archetypal images of unity, reconciliation and solidarity. Today we see a newly arising planetary community which is carried by these new soul-images. In this context, I greet our friends in San José (Colombia), in São Paulo, in Lisbon and Leipzig (Germany), in Arawaka (New Mexico), in the Tent of Nations (Westbank, Palestine), in Bethlehem, Tibet, Dharamsala and Tilonia (India). I greet you, Vasu and your community in Tilonia, we send you love and health. We greet you all, knowing that you have to work under fa more difficult conditions than we have in Portugal. You are the midwives of a new Earth, and a part of the growing World Community. May you find strength in this image of our planetary family.

At the core of the tortured soul is often what we call issue number one: sex, love and partnership. Particularly here, new visions have to be seen, new icons have to be created and new information has to enter the human organism. There can be no peace on Earth as long as there is war in love. The old picture of couplehood and marriage was too small to withstand the immense storms of the World-Power of Eros. Today we see the outlines of a new erotic culture which is able to contain more freedom and more truth. It is not about ideological decisions between monogamy and polygamy, but rather about truth and trust in love and about ending the latent war between the genders. Here, especially here, we can set a new course for humans to live together – and a new way for humans to live with all of their co-creatures. Do we know what has been done to the human soul, especially to the female soul, during the thousands of years that men have waged war? The fight against woman and the body did not know any borders. The word “horniness”, an expression of sexual bodily lust, ranks today as a dirty word. Women who reveal their lust have to fear judgement and denunciation. Male cultural history has engraved its lies deeply into the flesh. Here we all need a fundamental change of our values, in the sense of a new perception and positive affirmation of life. A non-violent civilisation also arises from a new relationship between the genders. Man and woman are the two halves of the human being. Where these two halves can find each other again, in love free of fear, the soul finds its happiness and its anchor.

When I speak of “soul”, I don’t mean withdrawal into an unworldly inner space. I mean awakening to the reality of our existence. The world is made of soul. Every animal, every plant, every lake and ocean, every mountain, has a soul and therefore reacts to psychic energies. One task of global peacework is to perceive the soul-powers in world-matter and to steer them in new directions. New perspectives then arise, perspectives for our way of living together with the world, the way in which we settle on the Earth, our re-integration into the great family of life and our subtle information systems in ecology and technology. These are necessary fields of research for a real future without war. At first this happens in smaller communities which have the courage to enter into this adventure of the soul. They are the listening posts for the extent of possible changes, sites for the foundation of a new matrix of life, research centres for “Biosphere 3”, workshops of archetypal transformation. Every hate can transform into love, and every fear into power if the big kaleidoscope is rotated. The big kaleidoscope: this is the pattern of light through which the mighty archetypal pictures of the sacred matrix flow into our consciousness.

The sacred powers of the universe have always touched human consciousness but they were filtered through a cruel prism which distorted them and made them appear as their opposites. Humans started to pursue and destroy what they once had loved. Everything below the “navel”, the dark world of crypts, tombs, caves and secret passages, was banished into the world of evil and accordingly persecuted. The upper sexual chakra of the woman was a tabernacle of old mystery cults. It is here in this female centre of life, that the emerging male church located the source of evil. Through this method of inversion, the sacred darkness which is actually part of life and a source of healing, entered the collective insanity of sin, burning at the stake and hell. There it still lies – deeply suppressed – until today. It is one of the central undertakings of the coming time to liberate these ancient sources from the dark chambers of our soul, to free the Goddess from the tombs, raise the suppressed into the light, and to humanise the powers bound there. I think that this is a core process of the global transformation. As long as the “evil” lives unnoticed inside ourselves, we cannot heal the Earth. As long as our soul is secretly interwoven with horrific images of the past, we will not be able to believe in global peace. The more we understand these connections, the more we are challenged to find a new vision for a humane humanity on a humane Earth. This vision exists.

Through subtle energetic discoveries in the body of nature, in the frequency of water and the rhythms of animals, we are slowly but surely led to the incomprehensible unity of all things within us and above us. This family of life is much bigger than we have thought. Are the stars maybe also part of it? Are  they living organs in a universe which has a soul? Is it possible that we are actually in a galactic communication of  which every water droplet is a part? Can we at last gain non-esoteric perceptions and information about the effect of distant stars on our planet, unexplained sightings in the sky, crop circles or UFO phenomena? (Or do we want to continue leaving such issues to the top-secret departments of military research projects?) Can we maybe already create the cosmic existence here on Earth that we have always projected onto “heaven”? I am convinced that this will happen and that it will not take long. Cosmic existence on Earth will be very sensual; transformation takes place in the body. The human body is an image of the Earth body. A light could rise in the Nammu-centre of the female body and illuminate the beauty which we all know from ancient times, but have forgotten.
The panorama of the soul which I have sketched here needs a solid material base for its manifestation: new systems of living, decentralised supply systems for water, food and energy, and new ecology, technology and economy. For the new inner powers to grow, we need a good material framework. The newly regained inner connection with all co-creatures requires a form of architecture which includes the possibility of living spaces for animals. Birds, toads, and even snakes and rats can be co-workers in the worldwide peace syndicate (the experiences which we have made in this area exceed all imagination). The new models of life need to be manifested in reality. This is one precondition for transformation to succeed. The global manifestation happens through lived prototypes, as the new experiments are first developed and tested in small communities before they can be released to the world. Through real work, the co-workers gain the necessary power and solid foundation which gives them endurance even in times when crises and doubts may overshadow their joy. We are all workers in the ‘vineyard of God’ and sometimes it is right to follow the sentence “Start with the hands, and God will take care of the heart.”

We hear the emergency-call of the Earth more strongly every day. If all beings who are now lying in unspeakable pain could scream then the whole Earth would be a single cry. But we also see the other world. We see a future where no child is abandoned by its parents, where no woman is raped, no animal tortured, where no mother has to cry for her son who has been killed, and where no son goes to war, because there is no war any more. We see a world without fear or war. This is no longer only a dream, as we have the technological, ecological, social and spiritual knowledge to build this new world. For this, we are founding places where the necessary knowledge can come together. One of these places is Tamera in Portugal. We want to develop models of life which resonate with the universal order of life and with the sacred matrix of the universe, to once and for all end war on our planet! We are looking forward to a global friendship and cooperation.

In the name of love.
In the name of the children of the world.
In the name of warmth for all life.


The thoughts above are the result of long research work with communities and new models of life. Through that, a long term cooperation and love has developed to Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of the project Tamera, author of several books and leader of

several pilgrimages in Colombia. We have written the thoughts and results of our work in several books, of which those currently available worldwide in English are:
Dieter Duhm: The Sacred Matrix, ISBN 978-3-927266-16-2,
Dieter Duhm: Future Without War, ISBN 978-3-927266-24-7
Sabine Lichtenfels: GRACE. Pilgrimage for a Future Without War, ISBN 978-3-927266-25-4
all published in VERLAG MEIGA –
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