Santa Cruz Liberated Love & Eros ZEGG Forum Workshop

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Friday, October 2, 2015 - Saturday, October 3, 2015
10:00 am

Louden Nelson Center

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Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker from Germany visit Santa Cruz on their ZEGG-Forum USA-Tour : “Deepening Community —Deepening Love”


We will use various exercises and tools including the ZEGG Forum to address our own personal issues and needs related to life, love, eros and community.

We will train deep listening and sharing in this powerfully healing setting. We’ll spend some time learning how ZEGG forum is done; then we will dive in—deep.

All levels of experience welcome. This event can serve as the prerequisite for the Berkeley Oct 4 (see below).

QUESTIONS and to REGISTER contact Kate:
(831) 687-8878 -voicemail

This is an intensive two day, non-residential workshop.

$260 – to negotiate a custom fee contact the registrar

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, each day
Plus: Friday 7:30–9:00PM Question & Answer session

Saturday evening –After Party

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facebook Please see also our Facebook event page for an EVENING PRESENTATION about the ZEGG intentional community -to be held in Santa Cruz on OCT 1st

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  • If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please contact the registrar.
  • We are gratefully accepting donations to support those who are less able to pay full rate


Ina & Achim

For more than 30 years Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker have lived, loved and worked at the intentional community of ZEGG. They have been deeply involved in the development of Forum, a special mode of communication to build community. Both have trained and supervised groups at ZEGG and in Europe, South America and the USA. They are united by their deep care and compassion for people and for our planet.They see themselves as constantly learning to be more authentic in their lives and in their teachings. Living in a community with a strong focus on love, partnership and transformation gives them a special awareness of these issues. They have been living in a committed and polyamorous partnership for more than 17 years.

MORE INFO about Ina & Achim and this USA TOUR at <>.


Because “It takes a village to raise a consciousness” and it takes TOOLS to build a village…
we bring you the ZEGG Forum—a tool that inspires faith and stimulates trust between humans. Experience for yourself the magic of a group of individuals merging into a short-term community. Experience trust building with every person who shares their inner values and dares to be seen.

The Forum is based on trust and Faith, which means: “I want to know who you really are?” and it means the decision to follow my own inner love and to stop running away.

Also “It takes a village to raise a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP!” So many traditional, open and polyamorous relationships fail or suffer because they don’t have trusting transparent tribes to support them. The ZEGG Forum and the wisdom about love, eros and relationship of the ZEGG Community provide the potting soil that that allow our precious relationships to grow and flourish.


“Why do I say ZEGG FORUM IS THE FUTURE of all kinds of practices like Nonviolent Communication, yoga, dance, churches, business communities etc.?

As NVC (Nonviolent Communication) Trainer, Robert Gonzales, said in a Trainers Teleconference, “Community is the Future direction of NVC”. And I have come to believe we need community building tools specifically designed for the job. This is where The ZEGG Forum comes in. Developed at ZEGG intentional community (, it is the foundation of over 13 highly successful, and powerful communities in Europe and is used worldwide in all sorts of organizations, networks and communities. After over 26 years of teaching NVC, I have come to believe this kind of training is what is needed to help people grow and sustain their NVC practice and communities. Tara Brach, the Buddhist teacher, says that for many years now we have been developing our various “dharma” practices, meditation, spiritual practices, yoga etc. but now we need to integrate these into our real lives thru Sanga or Community. Or, as Charles Eisenstein said “Enlightenment is a group activity.” So join us and learn how to use this powerful, transparency and transformation tool to start growing your own compassionate, truthful and trusting community!”
~ Kelly Bryson MA, MFT, Certified NVC trainer, author of “Don’t be Nice, be Real”<>

Ina and Achim are “hands down” the best group process (ZEGG Forum) facilitators I have ever seen or even heard of. There are simply the “best in the world.” If you want to witness Masters at work, watch as they penetrate through the layers of ego/persona of individual participants and into depths of “who we really are” as loving erotic beings. They are Pioneers of Peace and Partnership, living in a Peace Building Community (The ZEGG community in Germany), giving us all hope for “Peace on Earth”. Their level of maturity and consciousness around Love, Eros, true peace activism and community is the highest I have seen.
I am forever grateful to Ina and Achim for lovingly confronting me and challenging me to look through my own phony personality armor into my authentic self.

~ Kelly Bryson MA, MFT, Certified NVC trainer, author of “Don’t be Nice, be Real.


ZEGG-Forum is a creative and deep communication process, a powerful tool for transformation. It goes beyond mediation and personal growth work on a one to one basis – it creates openness and trust in groups. With its gentle focus on empathic sharing, radical feedback and clarifying unsolved situations ZEGG-Forum is an invaluable catalyst for one’s own growth and for deep community building.

ZEGG-Forum was developed as a communication tool to create transparency and trust – and is a space for the community to come together. It is a personal process in a social context.

Learning to be with our feelings & emotions. The more we start to accept what is instead of what should be the more real, clear and radiant our lives become.

Loving is Seeing – Seeing means Loving. With every person who shares his/her deep motivations or feelings in the center of a group’s attention, trust, empowerment, and love will grow. The light and attention we devote to all our inner aspects including our shadow will purify our essence and liberate more of our natural power.

How can we enjoy life and design our togetherness open and juicy?

Experience how it feels to allow social fears to melt. Trust is created when inner processes of people become transparent and understandable for all involved.

Deeper awareness of love. Someone who loves is beautiful, and will thus naturally be loved by others. Love is life fully lived – in all of its aspects. It needs a spiritual base as it is a universal power. Love and deep connection will be natural responses to our truth and openness.

Finding inner direction and focus. Experience different practices and exercises that will raise your awareness, your trust, and create more transparency


Dates & Events of Ina & Achim’s  ZEGG-Forum USA Tour

Oct 1: Santa Cruz, CA“Imagine Love, Eros & Ecology Thriving”

A presentation about the ZEGG community: facts, slides and ‘experiential’ appetizers.

$$ on donation (suggested $10–$15)  No one turned away for lack of funds.

*** 7:00–9:00 PM ***    Louden Nelson Center, RM 3   { 301 Center Street }

~ to learn more about the Intro go to:


Oct 2-3: Santa Cruz, CA:  Liberated Love & Eros ZEGG Forum Workshop

An intensive 2 day non-residential workshop on ZEGG-Forum & community building with an emphasis on the foundational issues of Love and Eros. All levels of experience welcome. This event can serve as the prerequisite for the Berkeley Oct 4 (see below).

 for details SEE ABOVE


Oct 4th Berkeley, CABerkeley advanced LOVE and Eros ZEGG-Forum Workshop. 

We will go deeper into our own truths around love and Eros, towards a mature love that wants to give. We will use the “Four phases towards mature love” of Wilfried Nelles, brought to the US for the first time in this workshop. This is a rare opportunity, as Nelles writes in German and his work has not yet been translated. For those with experience in ZEGG forum. The Santa Cruz 2 day ZEGG forum workshop can serve as prerequisite (see above).

*** 10:00-6:00 PM ***      $135     location given upon registration                   

Contact and application for Berkeley event: Robert <> – or ~ to learn more about the Berkeley workshop go to: <>


Other Dates and Locations for the USA Tour – Click for details