April 13-19 : 10th Annual New Culture Spring Camp in Santa Cruz Mountains

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Friday, April 13, 2018 - Thursday, April 19, 2018
2:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Lupin Lodge

10th annual
Network For a New Culture

*Spring Camp*

“Living a Courageous life Together in Community”

at Lupin Lodge, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Ca

 April 13-19, 2018

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* Imagine your “Longing” for “Belonging” fully satisfied!
* Imagine your “Sense of Separation” replaced by “Unitive Awareness”!
* Imagine finding the missing link to the redeeming joy of your own fully lived life!
* Imagine a global community of people who aspired, conspired and perspired to create a shared mental, spiritual, sensual paradise.

Make the Decision to “Lead a Courageous Life”.

It is a transformational decision that needs a community to help make it and keep it alive. This in order to have a fully lived life!!!

Join us for 7 days diving deep into mindful conscious community as we practice and play in a loving container of Trust….

What to Expect

Experiential connection exercises, Lots of dancing, SD/Zegg Forum Transformational Psychodrama, Nonviolent Communication training, Tribal Technologies, Singing, Tantra light, Community building wisdom classes, Sensual Temple, Strut your stuff – Talent show, Musical performance, Improv, Massage, Cuddling, Biodanza, Connection, Self exploration in the container of a loving community…

There will also be opportunity for working together to integrate shadow, reclaim power, voice, sacred conscious responsible sexuality, and trust for each other.

About Us

Happy group photoNetwork For a New Culture (NFNC) is a group that was originally inspired by the German community ZEGG (acronym for German words meaning “Center for an Experiment in Cultural Design”).  NFNC seeks to build a sustainable, violence-free culture through exploring intimacy, personal growth, transparency, deep self aware honesty, equity, compassion, sexual freedom, and the power of sacred mindful community.

Here is a fabulous video of Spring Camp!


Join us in the creation of this event!  Please let Connie Wisesan (conniewisesan@sbcglobal.net) know if you are available for a volunteer position!  Let your creativity and leadership shine!!! Connie would be happy to have a conversation with you about how your special interests and talents can be celebrated!

The Container

We will be creating a “Field” of “We-ness” or connection thru experiencing healthy boundary training from the start.  We will explore questions and issues emerging from our collective group, including Power, Sex, Money, Love and Spirituality.

The ZEGG Forum will be also be used as a tool to hold the personal growth process of the whole community as well as for individuals.

Our Presenters 2018…

Kelly Bryson, M.A., MFT   Author, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer (28 years), author of the best selling book, “Don’t be Nice, Be Real – Balancing Passion for Self with Compassion for Others”,  singer songwriter, SD & Zegg Forum facilitator, New Culture Community Starter and Builder,

     Nontraditional alternative relationship counselor, originator of Tribal Technologies & Trust Based Relationships, producer of New Culture Autumn & Spring Camps (9th annual), communitarian, keynote speaker, (for Association of Global New Thought)
teacher of many tools and modalities for a “trust based” approach to life, partnerships,and groups/communities.
     He is also a contributing author to the anthology The Marriage of Sex and Spirit.  Kelly is a Communitarian, workshop facilitator, consultant and and developer of “Tribal Technologies” for the growth of communities and organizations of every description.

At camp Kelly will be offering a workshop on Ending Psychological Suffering & Gossip, Growing Grassroots democracy/autonomy, and The Sacred Matrix

This won’t be a lecture but but some actual meaty content will be offered for chewing in small groups. And we will do experiential exercises to connect us intimately and playfully.

 There will be significant segments of content but with plenty of time for questions, comments, exploration of consciousness, and pure presence.

The community of the future is an original, communitarian, grassroots democracy, free of domination.  Anti-authoritarianism is nothing less than a fixation on authority with a negative prefix.

People who have really dedicated themselves to high and courageous goals are no lingered preoccupied with their own psychological suffering.  (see Low Drama)  They are following The Sacred Matrix or Entelechy of their Soul’s highest blueprint seed pattern.

Autonomy is a process of insight and self insight.  It is the innermost process in a person’s soul, resulting in a person taking responsibility for one’s own life.

He will also be on team facilitating Zegg Forum.
Kelly’s Ph: 831-227-7885
Phone/Skype Sessions –  Insurances accepted.


Evalena Rose, M. A., has taught Tantra for 22 years and is a skillful coach in intimacy practices and communication skills.  She has helped people heal emotionally and spiritually through MetaTherapy, energetic healing, and channeled readings for 35 years.  Through Love Journey: The Healing Path of Tantra she offers workshops and supports a compassionate community practicing the highest erotic and romantic arts.   Evalena has decades of study in Tantra, alternative healing, body/mind therapies, Soul Retrieval, and recovery from incest, abuse and addiction.  She works in the San Francisco Bay Area and by phone or Skype world-wide.  Her channelings and tele-seminars have reached people in 14 countries and 24 states.  LoveJourneyTantra.com or evalenarose.com.

Erotic Communication and Pleasure Mapping with Evalena Rose
Learn erotic ways of communicating with your lover(s) that enhance intimacy and further open you to eros. We’ll practice communicating “above the line” and making conscious requests followed by rewarding your partner(s) when you receive what you ask for.  We’ll enjoy some grounding and centering exercises and movement.  Following a delightful demo, pairs enjoy pleasure mapping, a touching exercise (non-genital), that lets you practice feedback and requests while learning styles and types of touch your body likes. You may discover new erogenous zones and gain a deeper command of your voice in intimate settings. Very enjoyable, expands one’s capacity to receive, and gives you practical skills that make a difference in intimate exchanges, and in everyday life.  Bring a floor mat, blanket or large towel. 

The Language of Consent with Evalena Rose
Learn to use the best of our communication practices to create true, transparent consent in all situations.  We’ll practice dealing with boundary violations even as they are initiated and use “love sandwiches” to deal with any charge associated with them.  We’ll experience using loving, respectful communication to ask for what we want, and the variety of ways we can negotiate a shared playing field.  Each exchange is done with a sacred witness to offer reflections and mentoring.  A powerful way to gain your true voice in intimate situations and co-create each exchange to serve the needs of all involved.    www.lovejourneytantra.com

Evalena will be offering an Ecstatic Erotic Dance workshop. Stretch your potential for igniting your erotic energies in dance and movement, both to entice and seduce, and simply to enjoy having a body to play in. Enjoy moving through various ways to express yourself erotically and sensually, while having a good time revealing yourself to others.   Enjoy a delightful introduction to erotic dance, using breath and sensual movements to entice yourself and others into playful intimacy.  As we dance, each song takes us deeper into connection and full embodiment.  We allow our grounding and kundalini to inspire the dance, using undulatory movements, snake arms, bedroom eyes, and sensual teasing to increase connection.  Showing our own pleasure in focused touch and movement can increase our erotic presence and help us inhabit our bodies with more sovereignty.

And a beautiful Celebrating our Connections in Radiant Puja. Enjoy playful and deeply fulfilling connections with old friends and delightful new people.Be gently guided in heart-centered exchanges that are nurturing and often energizing, filled with the blessings of deep presence and universal love. We share undulatory breath practices, soul gazing, sacred touch, erotic dance, and chakra merging breaths, all with boundaries and respect. Sensual, though not sexual, intimate and deeply moving, designed to see the divinity in each other. Pleasure heals.

She will also be on team facilitating Zegg Forum.

Connie Wisesan An Intuitive Healer, Bodyworker and Healing facilitator Connie see’s energy in people, places and things. Her life work is healer and a Custodian of the Land and Its’ People. Her interesting perspective of both the seen and unseen world supports all in the movement back to the higher vibrations of love, peace, abundance and complete health. www.yourtrueself.us

She will be helping to hold the container as mistress of ceremonies and event coordinator as well as be on team facilitating Zegg forum.

Fred Burks

Fred Burks has been deeply dedicated to spiritual growth and transformation for his entire adult life. He became interested in tantra and energy work over 20 years ago, and has facilitated many engaging, heart-centered playshops around the country helping people to open to the limitless sources of transformative energy available within themselves and others. He was a key founder of the sex and spirit based Sacred Connections community in the SF Bay Area and is a respected spiritual activist on the Internet. See www.peerservice.org for the inspiring and transformational websites he manages.

He will be offering his magic to hold 9 minutes dates
Here’s a description of nineminute dates:
In 9minute dates, you first have two minutes to talk with your partner (or partners) about what you’d like to do on your date, then five minutes to dive in and explore what you’ve agreed to, and then end with two minutes to wrap up and share about the experience. You will have time for dates with five different people during this process. It is best to arrange your dates ahead of time, so that you have a written dance card with five slots when you come, though you don’t have to fill all five. You can also just show up and see who is available if you don’t have a dance card or have empty slots. You are encouraged to find dates with campers of all genders. These dates can be as wild and sexy or as tame and sedate as you like, as long as they are fully consensual.

He will also be on team facilitating Zegg Forum and Leading a workshop on forgiveness with Eileen Barker

Paul Glassco has been involved with intentional communities since the mid-70’s, when he lived in a dozen-person community and was kitchen manager for two years. In the nineties, he became passionate about the ZEGG and Tamera communities, eventually visiting them in 2006 and 2011. Introduced to ZEGG forum, he has taken extensive forum facilitator training. Just this year, Paul has found sociocracy, a radical, ‘new’ way to run groups, communities and even businesses. Jumping right in, he has since attended three workshops given by Diana Leafe Christian, including an in-depth three-day introduction to sociocracy.

Paul will give us a glimpse into sociocracy—governance by peers. Unexpectedly, it’s both fun and efficient! This radical process of proposal- and decision-making is based on effectiveness, transparency and equivalence of voice. Sociocracy is a powerful antidote to endless and/or emotionally-charged work meetings. It avoids many of the known pitfalls of voting and consensus. And it’s cybernetic—it uses feedback loops!

Folks who use sociocracy feel more heard and empowered, and more work actually gets done.

They say things like “We’ve made more decisions in the last two months than we have in the last two years!” and  “The meeting process creates a sense of connectedness” and “Both inspiration and accountability go up”.

Paul will unpack the three mantras of sociocracy:“Good enough for now”, “Safe enough to try”, and “Okay, let’s find out”. Paul’s hour-long intro will whet your appetite for this streamlined decision process. Come hear how sociocracy can benefit you and any working groups you belong to.

Amos Lovell

Shamanic Medicine, Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator.  Amos has been working with individuals and facilitating workshops promoting full human aliveness, health and consciousness for over 25 years. It is his passion to connect authentically with a person thereby facilitating ease, personal awareness and core-level healing.

Amos will be leading a workshop on Transformational Breathwork  , similar to holotropic breathing, it takes you to a place beyond the limits of familiar thinking and feeling. It was developed as a therapy to treat a transcendental state of conscientiousness and it works!  He will also be offering a a workshop on Shamanic Journey work into the other realms. The Journey this time will be finding your healing house.  This is a tool that I have used in all my healing classes It is a home base and well-defined place to rely on for spiritual guidance and self- identification.


EILEEN BARKER is a lawyer, mediator and forgiveness expert who has led numerous forgiveness retreats, training’s and workshop and provides forgiveness coaching. She is the author of the Forgiveness Workbook and the recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance, along with Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

She and Fred Burks will be leading a workshop entitled “Forgiving Men, Forgiving Women: Moving Beyond The Stories That Separate Us. In this workshop, we’ll explore personal and cultural narratives that get in the way of love, sex and intimacy, and how to go beyond limiting stories so that we can cultivate trust and truly feel nourished by each other.

 Tim King

In 1996 a ‘teacher to be’ said to me ‘When the pain of who you are becomes greater than the fear of change, you will change. The next year I began meditation classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. During my 8 years there I was a; meditation teacher, staff member, director of men’s training, and a licensed minister. In the last 10 years I’ve trained in; NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), Family Constellation Work, Breathwork, EFT (tapping) TRE (Trauma Release Exercise), NVC (Non-violent Communication) and DBT (Dialectic Behavioral Therapy) to name but a few. I’ve seen what worked and what didn’t work for me, and now I’m in a position to share it with others. I know about despair, and I know about hope. I also know about progress and how to make a difference in the lives of people. My main focus now is NLP and Family Constellation Work, and I’m really excited about bringing Constellations to NFNC. I’m look forward to seeing you at Spring Camp!
Tim will be offering a workshop on Family Constellations.
Family Constellations is a way of working with one’s ancestors to alleviate the pain of an unwanted present, or ‘problem’ state in a non-linear, outside of time and space way that allows for change that flows naturally from the subconscious association with new resources instead of more conscious effort. It’s not so easy to explain how this happens. A teacher of mine once described it by telling the story from the bible of Sodom and Gomorrah and how God turned Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt. She said, even as a child she always thought it was pretty severe.ere she is leaving her town, way of life, family, and everyone she’s ever known while fire rains down on them, and all she does is look back. The punishment didn’t exactly fit the ‘crime’, but when we look back to the painful challenges of our ancestors we can get stuck like a pillar, and maybe a bit salty ourselves. So it’s a way ol connecting ito those that came before us in a way that doesn’t include trying to make their life challenges and make them our own.
Brian Bourke

Brian is a Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and Life Coach. He is committed to supporting the emotional health and well being of his clients.
His near death experience has given him a deep awareness of our greatest potential and dance with the divine.

Brian will be leading an interactive workshop on how creating peace in relationship creates peace on the planet. Lets reduce the conflict that we see in the world.

Brian and Connie, are in a successful 12 year open relationship. They live to support loving connections. Using a toolbox of modalities and techniques, that are easy to learn, they support their clients in a deeper awareness of self and interconnectedness. They will be available to talk about alternate relationships.

He is holding once a month community gatherings to practice the ZEGG Forum and other community building activities. There will be opportunity to learn how to facilitate ZEGG Forum.


 Katrina has taught Compassionate Communication (NVC) for close to a decade and is the creator of the Love Smart Cards, an educational card game designed to train emotional intelligence skills. She is a certified  Sex Educator through the Institute of Advanced Study for Human Sexuality and Love Coach through Love Coach Academy. She has mentored with Kamala Devi, Scott Catamas, Miki Kashtan, and many others. Her beloved life partner Stephen brings 30+ years practice in conscious communication, and over five years as a Tantric practitioner. Together, they are dedicated to creating a fun, safe, and sacred space for all of us to enjoy, learn, grow, and thrive in!


Sacred Snuggle: A Tantric Second-Base Love Puddle   This playshop is designed to set the stage for safe, creative and playful exploration of all forms of intimate connection during your time as Spring Camp. Learn about how to have clear conversations for consent, how to deeply honor your NO, and how to discover and safely explore your edges and your juicy YES.

Through connection games and puja, we set the stage for a delicious “self-directed play time!” Touching, kissing, licking, biting, spanking, and anything you desire (in which there is full consent of all participating in touch with you) is all welcome. 

The boundary set for the whole group for this part of the playshop is that panties, boxers or briefs stay on and we do not touch underneath them (however if that is something you wish to do, you may leave the puja and play and head to the red temple where full sexual expression of all kinds is always welcome.)

Compassionate Communication for Thriving in Community

In this interactive playshop, we will be experiencing the striking difference between non-empathic responses and empathic responses as we move from pain, conflict and unnecessary suffering to joy, connection & fulfillment!

Join us for hands-on growth and discovery, where you will learn and practice tools and skills to immediately transform all of your relationships.

~ Learn how to neutralize triggers/emotional activations.
~ Practice confidently identifying feelings and needs.
~ Create connection vs. separation in difficult situations.
~ Confidently communicate from the heart.
~ End power struggles forever. 

Wolf Lindley

After many years of training directly with Marshall Rosenberg, founder of NVC, and years of nvc based trainings and mediations  Deep study of New Culture finally led to an extended visit to study and teach at Tamera in Portugal.  Wolf has developed a broad range of experiential masterpieces that inspire, delight and leave audiences in awe and wonder. This process is called Slightly Less Violent Connecting and has developed a following in The Bay area of Northern California.  Consider a  fusion or Rosenberg, Duhm and Tolle coming through a still and playful wolf.

Wolf has led a dramatic career as  a professional athlete, highly successful entrepreneur in Europe and for the past 15 years has  taught Non Violent Communication  in Europe. Australia and South America.

Wolf taught New Culture inspired  NVc based communication in Portugal, England and Ireland in summer of 2016, Currently based in Oakland ,Ca Wolf has  over 30 workshops on the calendar this year alone.


What we are doing at Camp…. 

Philosophically Speaking

“The next Buddha will be a community” says Thich Nhat Hahn, and “Community is a state of consciousness,” says Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of ZEGG & Tamera Community in Portugal (see Tamera.org).  Because we are Social and Spiritual beings, we can only evolve through truthful intimate encounters in service to a Sacred Matrix of Life.  We will go spiritually spelunking into the four great love caverns of consciousness – the Spiritual, Self, Other and Community loves.
We will draw from the book
Terra Nova: Global Revolution and The Healing of Love
by Dieter Duhm, co-founder of Zegg and Tamera Communities.
And from the book Sacred Economics by C. Eisenstein –
“Really the only security is to be found in community: the gratitude, connections, and support of the people around you. If you have wealth now, I recommend, as your investment adviser, that you use it to enrich the people around you in lasting ways.”

Lupin Lodge


Lupin Lodge is offering the following special group rate to Network for a New Culture.
$180.00 per person 7 days, 6 nights
$240.00 per person in the dorm 7 days, 6 nights
$15.00 per night additional charge for RV HU
Single –7 Days/6 nights $390
Couple –7 Days/6 nights $570


A delicious restaurant offers a varied menu for lunch and dinner and a cook-it-yourself-kitchen is also available!

Event registration:

Event tuition:  $ 495 (additional costs for accommodations with Lupin Lodge and food will apply). We will be providing delicious meals for modest additional cost, Wednesday dinner through Tuesday dinner; breakfasts are complimentary with Lupin registration. Campers may also provide their own meals; bring and cook your own -or- dine at Lupin’s restaurant. Note: it is inconvenient to go off-site for meals.

You will complete two separate registrations. One with our registrar for the Spring Camp event, and one with Lupin Lodge for lodgings.

For info on Lupin’s special discounted lodging rates for Spring Campers :: Lupin’s contact info :: address and driving directions SC’s Lupin info page.

For Spring Camp event registration and information contact our registrar at: SFBay.NC.Events@gmail.com or (831) 687-8878.

*We are open to negotiating scholarships if you have financial need. Please inquire with the registrar.

It will support us if you can PAY BY CHECK. If you are able & willing to do this please send your check to: Network for New Culture, 1566 Eastwoodbury Lane, Martinez, Ca 94553

Tuition for: Please type the name(s) of the people for whom you are registering in the text box below: if more than one person, separate names with a comma. Then click the “Register Now” button. You will be directed to a Paypal form where you can complete your payment. Pay by credit card, debit card, or Paypal account. No Paypal account necessary for credit or debit.


Scholarship Donation:

If you would enjoy making a donation to the “All Needs Met” Scholarship fund, please use the button below to access our Paypal donation form. The scholarship fund supports participants who need financial assistance to attend this event. We want everyone who is excited to spend this time with us to be able to attend!