April 19-26, 2017 :: 9th Annual New Culture Spring Camp in Santa Cruz Mountains

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - Wednesday, April 26, 2017
2:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Lupin Lodge


9th annual

Network For a New Culture

*Spring Camp*

“Truth, Trust, Touch, and Transparency
A Community Celebration 

at Lupin Lodge, in Santa Cruz mountains, Ca

 April 19–26, 2017

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* Imagine your “Longing” for “Belonging” fully satisfied!
* Imagine your “Sense of Separation” replace by “Unitive Awareness”!
* Imagine finding the missing link to the redeeming joy of your own fully lived life!
* Imagine a global community of people who aspired, conspired and perspired to create
   a shared mental, spiritual, sensual paradise.
Join us for a week of diving deep into mindful conscious community as we practice and play in a loving container of Trust….

What to expect:

Experiential connection exercises, Lots of dancing, SD/Zegg Forum Transformational Psychodrama, Nonviolent Communication training, Tribal Technologies, Singing, Tantra light, Community building wisdom classes, Sensual Temple, Strut your stuff – Talent show, Musical performance, Improv, Massage, Cuddling, Biodanza, Connection, Self exploration in the container of a loving community…

There will also be opportunity for working together to integrate shadow, reclaim power, voice, sacred conscious responsible sexuality and trust for each other.

What are we doing?

Happy group photoNetwork For a New Culture (NFNC) is a group that was originally inspired by the German community ZEGG (acronym for German words meaning “Center for an Experiment in Cultural Design”).
                                                                                          NFNC seeks to build a sustainable, violence-free culture through exploring intimacy, personal growth, transparency, deep self aware honesty, equity, compassion, sexual freedom, and the power of sacred mindful community.

Here is a fabulous video of Spring Camp last year!


Join us in the creation of this event!  Please let Connie Wisesan (conniewisesan@sbcglobal.net) know if you are available for a volunteer position in support of this event!  Let your creativity and leadership shine!!! Connie would be happy to have a conversation with you about how your special interests and talents can be celebrated!

The Container

We will be creating a “Field” of “We-ness” or connection thru experiencing healthy boundaries training from the start.

The ZEGG Forum will be also be used as a tool to hold the personal growth process of the whole community as well as for individuals.

We will explore questions and issues emerging from our collective group, including “Power, Sex, Money, Love, Spirituality”

Philosophically Speaking

“The next Buddha will be a community” says Thich Nhat Han, and “Community is a state of consciousness,” says Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of ZEGG & Tamera Community in Portugal (see Tamera.org).
Because we are Social and Spiritual beings, we can only evolve through truthful intimate encounters in service to a Sacred Matrix of Life.  We will go spiritually spelunking into the four great love caverns of consciousness – the Spiritual, Self, Other and Community loves.
We will draw from the book
“Terra Nova: Global Revolution and The Healing of Love”
by Dieter Duhm, co-founder of Zegg and Tamera Communities.
And from the book “Sacred Economics” by C. Eisenstein –
“Really the only security is to be found in community:the gratitude, connections, and support of the people around you. If you have wealth now, I recommend, as your investment adviser, that you use it to enrich the people around you in lasting ways”

Lupin Lodge


Lupin Lodge offers a variety of sleeping accommodations:  Camping is always available for the basic price of $25 per night.  Additional fees are asked for RV space personal yurts, and community lodge room space.


A delicious restaurant offers a varied menu for lunch and dinner.  Breakfast is included in the Lupin lodge fees and  a cook-it-yourself-kitchen is also available!  We are looking for community kitchen volunteers who would be willing to support a special community kitchen offering a volunteer community meal plan.  (Some of you may remember this from last year! yummmm)

Event registration:

Event tuition:  $ 495* (additional costs for accommodations with Lupin Lodge and food will apply). We will be providing delicious meals for modest additional cost, Thursday dinner through Monday dinner; breakfasts are complimentary with Lupin registration. Campers may also provide their own meals; bring and cook your own -or- dine at Lupin’s restaurant. Note: it is inconvenient to go off-site for meals.

You will complete two separate registrations. One with our registrar for the Spring Camp event, and one with Lupin Lodge for lodgings.

For info on Lupin’s special discounted lodging rates for Spring Campers :: Lupin’s contact info :: address and driving directions SC’s Lupin info page.

For info on Food Options :: Opening & Ending schedule :: Making a custom payment see the Spring Camp 2016 general information page.

For Spring Camp event registration and information contact our registrar at: SFBay.NC.Events@gmail.com or (831) 687-8878.

*We are open to negotiating scholarships if you have financial need. Please inquire with the registrar.

It will support us if you can PAY BY CHECK. If you are able & willing to do this please email our registrar for the mailing address. ~Thanks

Tuition for: Please type the name(s) of the people for whom you are registering in the text box below: if more than one person, separate names with a comma. Then click the “Register Now” button. You will be directed to a Paypal form where you can complete your payment. Pay by credit card, debit card, or Paypal account. No Paypal account necessary for credit or debit.

*Early Bird Special: $445 by April 1!*

Scholarship Donation:

If you would enjoy making a donation to the “All Needs Met” Scholarship fund, please use the button below to access our Paypal donation form. The scholarship fund supports participants who need financial assistance to attend this event. We want everyone who is excited to spend this time with us to be able to attend!