Living Into Your Dream

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Saturday, January 11, 2014
1:00 pm - 10:00 pm

San Rafael, CA


Human beings are naturally playful, sensual and insightful. Natural, healthy social settings create a rich context for spiritual and emotional growth. A strong community is created by supporting the development of strong individuated individuals, to create *leader-full* community.

Come learn the skills to play your own unique part in this next evolutionary shift in consciousness, where feelings are transparent, individual autonomy is respected, and true human needs are met. We’ll provide the structure for natural healthy social interaction & you bring your passion, problems and your desire for joy, connection and growth.

Warming! This event will be experiential, engaging and enlivening! 😀

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Registration & Costs: You must register in advance to secure your spot and get the address of the event. We’re asking for a contribution of $35-85 to help cover costs and support the organizing and presenting team. If money presents a barrier to participation, please contact us for a compassionate conversation and we’ll look for a way to meet everyones’ needs.

Please bring $20 to cover dinner and snacks.

Space for this event is limited to 30, so register early by contacting