Imagine Love, Eros and Ecology Thriving ~ an introduction to the ZEGG intentional community experiment

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Thursday, October 1, 2015
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Louden Nelson Center, Room 3

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The MORE LOVING COMMUNITY your heart knows is possible, exits NOW!    WHERE?

At the world-famous ZEGG Intentional Community: Center for Social and Cultural Design, in Germany.

ZEGG is known for its pioneering work in social transparency, love and eros free of fear, transformation and ecology. Learn about life in this transparent, trusting, open-relationship community.


 ~ Join us for an EVENING INTRO to one of the most advanced intentional communities in the world
~~facilitated by Achim Ecker and Ina Meyer-Stoll

~We will share photos and facts of ZEGG. Followed by Q&A.
~To round out the evening, we’ll invite you to a gentle experience of community building activities.

 $$ Love offering gratefully accepted. Suggested donatipn $10–$15. No one turned for lack of funds.
 QUESTIONS and to RSVP contact Kate:
(831) 687-8878 -voicemail

 This event is in Santa Cruz, CA. 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Louden Nelson Community Center, Room 3 :: 301 Center Street


facebook Please also see our Facebook event page for a TWO DAY INTENSIVE TRAINING in ZEGG forum -facilitated by Ina & Achim, to be held in Santa Cruz Oct 2–3.

 And see below for a related ZEGG forum workshop in Berkeley on Oct 4th.


What does it mean to be an AUTHENTIC HUMAN BEING?
One of our deepest longings is “to be seen as I am”, powerful and vulnerable, joyous and fearful, shy and courageous, searching, finding, loosing, gaining…We will guide you closer to yourself, to your heart, to your soul and dreams.


For more than 30 years Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker have lived, loved and worked at the intentional community of ZEGG. They have been deeply involved in the development of Forum, a special mode of communication to build community. Both have trained and supervised groups at ZEGG and in Europe, South America and the USA. They are united by their deep care and compassion for people and for our planet.They see themselves as constantly learning to be more authentic in their lives and in their teachings. Living in a community with a strong focus on love, partnership and transformation gives them a special awareness of these issues. They have been living in a committed and polyamorous partnership for more than 17 years.

MORE INFO about Ina & Achim and this USA TOUR at <>.


Ina and Achim are “hands down” the best group process (ZEGG Forum) facilitators I have ever seen or even heard of. There are simply the “best in the world.” If you want to witness Masters at work, watch as they penetrate through the layers of ego/persona of individual participants and into depths of “who we really are” as loving erotic beings. They are Pioneers of Peace and Partnership, living in a Peace Building Community (The ZEGG community in Germany), giving us all hope for “Peace on Earth”. Their level of maturity and consciousness around Love, Eros, true peace activism and community is the highest I have seen.
I am forever grateful to Ina and Achim for lovingly confronting me and challenging me to look through my own phony personality armor into my authentic self.

 ~ Kelly Bryson MA, MFT, Certified NVC trainer, author of “Don’t be Nice, be Real.



ZEGG is a non-profit educational center, an ecovillage and an international meeting point for a peace culture. It is dedicated to exploring the foundations for a non-violent way of living. Founded in 1991, it is known for its focus on social transparency, love free of fear, transformation and ecology. Nearly self-sufficient in water and energy and known for a social group process called ZEGG-Forum.
To learn more about ZEGG visit their website at <>ZEGG plays an active part in the Global Ecovillage Network – GEN.

Intentional communities are birthplaces for the social evolution we will need if the coming times are crisis ridden.


Dates & Events of Ina & Achim’s  ZEGG-Forum USA Tour

Oct 1: Santa Cruz, CA“Imagine Love, Eros & Ecology Thriving” –an evening presentation of the ZEGG community: facts, slides and experiential appetizers.

 for details SEE ABOVE


Oct 2-3: Santa Cruz, CA:  Liberated Love & Eros ZEGG Forum Workshop

An intensive 2 day non-residential workshop on ZEGG-Forum & community building with an emphasis on the foundational issues of Love and Eros. We’ll spend some time learning how ZEGG forum is done; then we will dive in—deep. Feel the magic of a group of individuals merging into a short-term community, building trust with every person who shares their inner values and dares to be seen. All levels of experience welcome. This event can serve as the prerequisite for the Berkeley Oct 4 (see below).

*** 10:00 AM-6:00 PM, both days…

plus Friday 7:30–9:00PM Q&A :: Saturday evening  After Party 

*** $260 sliding, request negotiation

RSVP for location

We want you to be with us. If you need financial assistance, help us help you by calling as soon as possible.

QUESTIONS and to REGISTER contact Kate or (831) 687-8878 -voicemail.

~ to learn more about the SC workshop go to:


Oct 4th Berkeley, CA: Berkeley advanced LOVE and Eros ZEGG-Forum Workshop. 

We will go deeper into our own truths around love and Eros, towards a mature love that wants to give. We will use the “Four phases towards mature love” of Wilfried Nelles, brought to the US for the first time in this workshop. This is a rare opportunity, as Nelles writes in German and his work has not yet been translated. For those with experience in ZEGG forum. The Santa Cruz 2 day ZEGG forum workshop can serve as prerequisite (see above).

*** 10:00-6:00 PM ***      $135     location given upon registration                   

Contact and application for Berkeley event: Robert <> – or ~ to learn more about the Berkeley workshop go to: <>


Other Dates and Locations for the USA Tour – Click for details