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Soul Vision by Dieter Duhm

At the core of the tortured soul is often what we call issue number one: sex, love and partnership. Particularly

here, new visions have to be seen, new icons have to be created and new information has to enter the human

organism. There can be no peace on Earth as long as there is war in love. The old picture of couplehood and

marriage was too small to withstand the immense storms of the World-Power of Eros. Today we see the

1)The noun “Geist” (adj. “geistic”) is used throughout this text to better reflect the notion of “intellect, spirit and soul” as expressed in this German term.

outlines of a new erotic culture which is able to contain more freedom and more truth. It is not about

ideological decisions between monogamy and polygamy, but rather about truth and trust in love and about

ending the latent war between the genders. Continue reading

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